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What Do You Put In Your Lunch Salad?

I mean, besides avocado.

If you're anything like the Kardashians, you know salads make the best weekday lunch.

Katrin Gilger / Via Flickr: diekatrin

They require zero cooking skills and can be made with literally any mix of ingredients.

Earthbound Farm / Via

As long as it has a base of greens, it basically counts as a salad.

And while grilled chicken on top of romaine makes a great salad, adding sliced figs, almonds, and crushed peppercorn makes it an even tastier meal.

Bob Cotter / Via

So, how do you perk up your weekday lunch salad? Are you a vegetarian with a penchant for falafel-filled creations?

Edsel Little / Via

Do you sweeten yours up with a dollop of jam?

ponafotkas / Via Flickr: ponafotkas

Side note: quince jelly makes a sweet, floral vinaigrette.

Or indulge on expensive cans of tuna?

jules / Via

Or does excessive ranch sauce do the trick for you?

"I'll take the bacon ranch salad, hold the salad." - Americans

Ranch forever.

Share with us below your weekday lunch salads and recipes. Whether you pack your salad with chicken and a simple dressing, or perk it up with a weird fish, we'd love to know. Have a photo? Even better!


The best responses will be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post.