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Updated on Jan 27, 2019. Posted on Dec 16, 2018

What Was Your Technique For Improving Your Handwriting?

Because you're never too old to improve your handwriting.

Handwriting can say a lot about a person, so it makes sense that you'd want to improve yours.

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It also just makes you look like someone who has their stuff together.

It may seem like a tedious, overwhelming goal — but when you actually get down to it, improving your handwriting can be fun, easy, and honestly really doable.

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And you won't know if you don't even start.

We want to know: How did you improve your handwriting?

Did you find a comfortable grip that made you want to write for longer periods of time?

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Or maybe you just learned that by simply relaxing your grip, your penmanship naturally improved.

Did you use a theory book to try and learn the ~official~ way to write the letters of the English alphabet?

You can get the theory plus five practice copybooks on Amazon for $24.95.

Did you get some shiny new pens that made for a smooth stroke?

Fast-drying ink is also helpful. Get a pack from Amazon for $13.90.

Or maybe you just started writing more handwritten letters to your loved ones, and that naturally made your handwriting get better.

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Not to mention, writing letters to your family and friends probably strengthened some of your relationships.

Whatever your strategy for improving your handwriting was, we want to know. Tell us in the comments below and we might feature your submission in a future BuzzFeed Community post.