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    Here's The Truth About The White Gunk On Salmon


    If you've ever cooked bacon, you know that a single strip of the cured pork can magically produce an entire panful of fat.

    And if you're like me, you probably thought the same thing happened when you cooked salmon, and that the white stuff coming out of your fillet was ALSO fat.

    Well, put the spatula and paper towel down, because as the more-informed half of the internet corrects us yet again, that foamy white waste is actually a soluble PROTEIN. 😧

    It's called albumin, and it's completely harmless.

    Sure, it may LOOK like unappetizing gunk, but that's really the only reason why you may want to remove it from your fish.

    There are ways to minimize the appearance of the white runoff — like cooking the fish at a lower temperature or brining it prior to cooking.

    Glazing the salmon might also help (and make it more delicious!).