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Chefs Swear By This Trick For Perfect Fried Eggs

It's actually really easy.

Fried eggs are an essential part of breakfast.

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But getting them juuust right — with a slightly crisped bottom and a runny yolk — can feel like culinary Olympics.


Well, according to MasterChef UK finalists Billy Wright and Jack Layer, there IS a near fool-proof way to make perfect fried eggs, and it involves just one extra step.


Their trick? When frying your eggs, place a lid over them.

Speaking with The Mirror, the MasterChef duo said placing a lid on top of your frying eggs will "seal the top, [resulting in] a perfect yolk but none of the undercooked white."

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One other fried egg trick that chefs swear by? Tipping the pan, then spooning the hot oil back over the top.

Prefer scrambled eggs instead? So does Gordon Ramsay. Here's his method for getting them perfect every time.

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When asked how he likes his eggs in a Reddit AMA, Ramsay said, "I have to say, scrambled. Over a slice of sourdough bread that has been grilled, and then sort of doused with Worcestershire sauce."

Yes, chef. 🍳

  1. How do you fry your eggs?

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How do you fry your eggs?
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    I use the lid-over-pan trick.
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    I spoon hot oil over my eggs.
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    I straight up just fry them over a drizzle of hot oil. Why complicate things?
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    I use another technique which I'll describe in the comments.