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    50 Of Our Very Best Halloween Recipes To Scare And Delight Any Halloween Enthusiast

    If you need me, I'll be counting down the days until Halloween.

    We'll never get enough of Halloween-themed treats. 🎃

    From finger hot dogs to chocolate cake graveyards, we've got more than enough deliciously fun recipes to make you wish Halloween was all year long. It's time to ring in ~spooky season~ with these 50 festive Halloween recipes that'll scare, entertain, and satisfy your friends and family.

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    1. Dirt Brownies

    Dirt Brownies

    Decorative Halloween dessert or the most fascinating critters alive in the eyes of an 8-year-old? Either way, this recipe will be a hit.

    Recipe: Dirt Brownies | Shop This Recipe

    2. Halloween Finger Hot Dogs

    Halloween Finger Hot Dogs

    Fun tip: Serve these hot dogs with Band-Aids over all your fingers, and watch as your guests eat the world's most uncomfortable meal. 

    Recipe: Halloween Finger Hot Dogs | Shop This Recipe

    3. Halloween Candy Cookie Bars

    Halloween Candy Cookie Bars

    There's something about M&M's that adds the perfect amount of crunch and sweetness to any dessert they're used in.

    Recipe: Halloween Candy Cookie Bars | Shop This Recipe

    4. Halloween Party Punch

    Halloween Party Punch

    You don't need a fancy mold to make these spooky ice cubes, just some powder-free gloves. They'll prove to be the perfect icebreakers.

    RecipeHalloween Party Punch | Shop This Recipe

    5. Halloween Feet Loaf

    Halloween Feet Loaf

    You'll need to handle 3 pounds of raw ground beef, but that's par for the course for this bloody dish.

    Recipe: Halloween Feet Loaf | Shop This Recipe

    6. Vanilla Crispy Treats With Leftover Halloween Candy

    Vanilla Crispy Treats With Leftover Halloween Candy

    Fun-sized candy was made for stuffing into other sweet recipes. And besides, if you don't serve your candy in other candy, did you even try?

    Recipe: Vanilla Crispy Treats With Leftover Halloween Candy | Shop This Recipe

    7. Halloween Buffalo Chicken Skillet Dip

    Halloween Buffalo Chicken Skillet Dip

    Just because you're an adult doesn't mean you can't join in on the Halloween fun. Take this dip, for instance: Just add a spooky smile to it, and boo(m)! You're in business.

    Recipe: Halloween Buffalo Chicken Skillet Dip | Shop This Recipe

    8. Turkey & Zucchini-Stuffed Jack-O’-Lantern Bell Peppers

    Turkey & Zucchini–Stuffed Jack-o’-lantern Bell Peppers

    This recipe is extremely substitution-friendly. Feel free to switch out the rice or meat for quinoa, more meat or rice, beans, or ground chicken. 

    Recipe: Turkey & Zucchini-Stuffed Jack-O’-Lantern Bell Peppers | Shop This Recipe

    9. Cute Halloween Marsh-Monsters

    Cute Halloween Marsh-Monsters

    Have kids who want to help? Make the marshmallow monsters beforehand, and let them decorate 'em with food-grade gel pens and pretzel sticks. 

    Recipe: Cute Halloween Marsh-Monsters | Shop This Recipe

    10. Halloween Layered Dip

    Halloween Layered Dip

    Have black olives on hand? Carve some up into a spider and plop it in the middle for the ~complete look~.

    Recipe: Halloween Layered Dip | Shop This Recipe

    11. Bell Pepper Pumpkins

    Bell Pepper Pumpkins

    Easy to cut and even more colorful than pumpkins, bell peppers are the perfect way to practice your carving skills on a smaller scale before attempting the real thing.

    Recipe: Bell Pepper Pumpkins | Shop This Recipe

    12. Brain Sliders

    Brain Sliders

    King's Hawaiian rolls, though not as life-like, work just as well as brioche rolls here. The brainy meatballs are where these sliders truly come alive.

    Recipe: Brain Sliders | Shop This Recipe

    13. Halloween Pumpkin Deviled Eggs

    Halloween Pumpkin Deviled Eggs

    There's no actual pumpkin in this recipe, but a bit of paprika and mustard go a long way in camouflaging these deviled eggs with autumnal colors. 

    Recipe: Halloween Pumpkin Deviled Eggs | Shop This Recipe

    14. Skull Candy Apple

    Skull Candy Apple

    The best part about white chocolate-covered apples made to resemble skulls is that the more misshapen your "skull," the spookier it'll be. No perfection required here, folks!

    Recipe: Skull Candy Apple | Shop This Recipe

    15. Magical 'Homemade' Butterfinger Bites

    Magical 'Homemade' Butterfinger Bites

    Made with candy corn, peanut butter, and chocolate chips, these bites combine the best flavors of Halloween. If you disagree, I'll see you in the comments.

    Recipe: Magical 'Homemade' Butterfinger Bites | Shop This Recipe

    16. Hungry Apple Monsters

    Hungry Apple Monsters

    Dig the sunflower seeds as deep as possible into the apple slices to make sure they don't fall out (and require dental intervention before serving).

    Recipe: Hungry Apple Monsters | Shop This Recipe

    17. Meathead Charcuterie

    Meathead Charcuterie

    Get a plastic skull at your local dollar store and go to town decorating this actually terrifying Halloween treat. Bonus points if you can add plastic arms at each side of your charcuterie board. 

    Recipe: Meathead Charcuterie | Shop This Recipe

    18. Peanut Butter & Jelly Spiders

    Peanut Butter & Jelly Spiders

    Unlike real spiders, these are fun to look at and even more fun to snack on.

    Recipe: Peanut Butter & Jelly Spiders | Shop This Recipe

    19. Jack O' Lantern Chips and Dip

    Jack O' Lantern Chips And Dip

    Make sure to get an adequately sized pumpkin so your bowl of dip can fit snugly at the top. Though of course, even an overflowing vessel of molten cheese would still taste perfect.

    Recipe: Jack O' Lantern Chips and Dip | Shop This Recipe

    20. Area 51 Alien Eggs

    Area 51 Alien Eggs

    Filled with purple ooze and absolutely terrifying to look at, these alien eggs will be the star of your Halloween party — just make sure to let the shells cool long enough before filling them.

    Recipe: Area 51 Alien Eggs | Shop This Recipe

    21. Peek-a-boo Ghost 'Boxed' Pound Cake

    Peek-a-boo Ghost 'Boxed' Pound Cake

    This dessert can actually be a two-in-one. Just take any leftover pound cake, mix with frosting, and transform them into cake pops. 

    Recipe: Peek-a-boo Ghost 'Boxed' Pound Cake | Shop This Recipe

    22. Minnie Mouse Halloween Cupcakes

    Minnie Mouse Halloween Cupcakes

    If you don't have chocolate wafers, you can also use mini Oreos. And of course, you can always substitute your own homemade mix instead of using a box.

    Recipe: Minnie Mouse Halloween Cupcakes | Shop This Recipe

    23. Frankensmoothie


    We can confidently assure you that this smoothie tastes amazing, and it's perhaps the only way to get in a solid dose of fruits and veggies while also enjoying spooky season to the fullest.

    Recipe: Frankensmoothie | Shop This Recipe

    24. Halloween Charbooterie Board

    Halloween Charbooterie Board

    Cheese fingers, cheese zombies, mummy berries, and the "blood of Frankenstein" come together for this charcuterie board that'll have everyone crowding around the refreshments table all night long.

     Recipe: Halloween Charbooterie Board | Shop This Recipe

    25. Sour Apple Concoction

    Sour Apple Concoction

    Make it alcohol-free by leaving out the vodka and adding another green-colored juice or power drink of your choice.

    RecipeSour Apple Concoction | Shop This Recipe

    26. Spider Deviled Eggs

    Spider Deviled Eggs

    Spider-haters, beware! These deviled eggs come creepily close to looking like the real thing. But fear not — they're actually just savory black olives. 

    Recipe: Spider Deviled Eggs | Shop This Recipe

    27. Tombstone 'Box' Brownie Bites

    Here lies the tastiest brownie bite in all the land. They lived a sweet and much loved life.

    Recipe: Tombstone 'Box' Brownie Bites | Shop This Recipe

    28. Bloody Cupcakes

    Bloody Cupcakes

    As much as we love a good bloody cupcake, be careful not to overdo it, or you'll risk making a bloody mess that'll give anyone who walks into your kitchen a huge fright.

    Recipe: Bloody Cupcakes | Shop This Recipe

    29. Snow White Poison Candy Apples

    Snow White Poison Candy Apples

    Any other full-grown adult still have nightmares about the poisoned apple in Snow White? This recipe is for you.

    Recipe: Snow White Poison Candy Apples | Shop This Recipe

    30. The Vampire Cocktail

    The Vampire Cocktail

    We can't guarantee the gift of eternal life by sucking down this festive cocktail, but we can assure anyone drinking this that you'll absolutely be going back for seconds...or thirds.

    Recipe: The Vampire Cocktail | Shop This Recipe

    31. Vampire Donuts

    These donuts are the perfect combination of adorable and scary, neither of which will prevent you from devouring these in one go.

    Recipe: Vampire Donuts | Shop This Recipe

    32. Candy Corn Cocktail

    Candy Corn Cocktail

    Ah, candy corn. You either love it, or you hate it. Or, you really really hate it. There is no in-between. Candy corn lovers: This cocktail was made for you.

    Recipe: Candy Corn Cocktail | Shop This Recipe

    33. Spicy Smokey Potion

    Spicy Smokey Potion

    Legend has it that downing one of these at the stroke of midnight on Halloween will grant you seven consecutive years of great costumes.

    Recipe: Spicy Smokey Potion | Shop This Recipe

    34. Mummy 'Box' Brownie Bites

    Mummy 'Box' Brownie Bites

    This recipe might make brownies unrecognizable, but that's exactly the point. Cover them in stripes of white chocolate until they're properly "mummified." 

    Recipe: Mummy 'Box' Brownie Bites | Shop This Recipe

    35. Mickey Mummy Macaron

    Mickey Mummy Macaron

    When we say everyone needs to be in costume this year, we mean it. Even desserts! Make sure not to over-bake these, or you'll end up with a mummy that won't match its white bandages.

    Recipe: Mickey Mummy Macaron | Shop This Recipe

    36. Dirt Worm 'Box' Brownie Bites

    Dirt Worm 'Box' Brownie Bites

    We love a good dessert that combines sour, chocolate, and candy flavors.

    Recipe: Dirt Worm 'Box' Brownie Bites | Shop This Recipe

    37. Butchered Hand Brie

    Butchered Hand Brie

    Carve into the butchered hand, if you dare, and you'll discover a dreamy brie filling you would do unspoken things for.

    Recipe: Butchered Hand Brie | Shop This Recipe

    38. Eyeball 'Box' Brownie Bites

    Eyeball 'Box' Brownie Bites

    For an easier time rolling the brownies, try cutting off the edges and shaping the corners into curves...though a generous shower of white chocolate will cover any and all imperfections.

    Recipe: Eyeball 'Box' Brownie Bites | Shop This Recipe

    39. Mike Wazowski Dome Cakes

    Mike Wazowski Dome Cakes

    This dome cake is simpler than it looks. Even if you mess up, you can transform any cake into everyone's favorite lovable monster as soon as you stick a big eye on it. 

    Recipe: Mike Wazowski Dome Cakes | Shop This Recipe

    40. Skull 'Box' Brownie Bites

    Skull 'Box' Brownie Bites

    Four ingredients are all it takes to make 45 fearsome brownie bites. Bake some for your classmates or coworkers, and you'll earn their friendship long after the carved pumpkins have been tossed.

    Recipe: Skull 'Box' Brownie Bites | Shop This Recipe

    41. Chocolate Cake Graveyard

    Chocolate Cake Graveyard

    This chocolate cake graveyard comes together in a jiff with a store-bought cake, some cookie crumbs, and mint Milanos. Decorate with plastic zombies or a shovel for an extra thematic touch.

    Recipe: Chocolate Cake Graveyard | Shop This Recipe

    42. Leftover Halloween Candy-Bottom Cheesecake

    Leftover Halloween Candy-Bottom Cheesecake

    Make sure the cheesecake is level, or your spider web will pool into a dark, dark mess at the center of the cake. Extra patience with patting down your cheesecake filling evenly will reward you here.

    Recipe: Leftover Halloween Candy-Bottom Cheesecake | Shop This Recipe

    43. Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate on a Stick

    Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate On A Stick

    For a portable and no-slicing-required treat, try out these treats on a stick, made with heavy cream, semi-sweet chocolate chips, and caramel. Serve by dissolving into a hot beverage of your choice.

    Recipe: Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate on a Stick | Shop This Recipe

    44. Halloween Bundt Cake

    Halloween Bundt Cake

    This dessert is rich, moist, and topped with a glaze that you can customize according to the season and theme.

    Recipe: Halloween Bundt Cake | Shop This Recipe

    45. Apple Cider Doughnuts

    Apple Cider Doughnuts

    You can't celebrate any Halloween gathering without at least a few of these donuts. A generous dusting of cinnamon-sugar adds a bit of crunch and spice to every bite.

    Recipe: Apple Cider Doughnuts | Shop This Recipe

    46. Beet Soup

    Beet Soup

    It's great for beet lovers, but more importantly, this pot of blood-red soup will keep the bloodsuckers in the room satisfied. 

    Recipe: Beet Soup | Shop This Recipe

    47. Pumpkin Chili Cheese Dip

    Pumpkin Chili Cheese Dip

    Is there anything you can't do with pumpkins? (Probably, but not in this case.) Fall in love with fall all over again with this easy-to-make chili cheese dip that you'll want to make over and over again.

    Recipe: Pumpkin Chili Cheese Dip | Shop This Recipe

    48. Bleeding Vampire Drink

    Bleeding Vampire Drink

    For a refreshing, alcohol-free drink, try out this mix, which combines lemon-lime soda with water and food dye. Dress it with up vampire teeth to complete the look.

    Recipe: Bleeding Vampire Drink | Shop This Recipe

    49. Peanut Butter Pumpkin “Fudge”

    Peanut Butter Pumpkin “Fudge”

    Fan of nut butters? How about pumpkin? Try out this "fudge," which combines generous portions of both for a creamy, fudge-like bar. A sprinkling of sea salt makes these simple treats even more decadent.

    Recipe: Peanut Butter Pumpkin “Fudge” | Shop This Recipe

    50. Cobweb 'Box' Brownie Bites

    Cobweb 'Box' Brownie Bites

    Short on time but still need to prepare some treats? Try these cobweb-covered brownie bites, which come together in a pinch using boxed brownie mix and white and milk chocolate chips.

    Recipe: Cobweb 'Box' Brownie Bites | Shop This Recipe

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