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    14 Halloween Party Booze Ideas That Don't Require A Million Ingredients

    You can make any of these the day of.

    If you're hosting a Halloween party this year, you're probably brainstorming what boozy (or not*) punches you should serve.

    No Halloween gathering is complete without a themed drink, so we put together 14 of the best spooky drink ideas to serve at your party. From blood orange sangria, to smoking purple "potion," to a hot buttered apple cider, here are the big-batch cocktail recipes you'll need this Halloween.

    *Some of these recipes don't include alcohol, but if you do want to make them boozy, all you need to do is implement this ratio (courtesy of Food52): 2 parts booze : 2 parts wine : 2 parts juice (optional) : 1/2 to 1 part sweet.

    1. Worm Juice

    2. Mulled Wine

    3. Zombie Rum Classic

    4. Halloween Orange Sherbet Punch

    5. Pineapple Lime Witch's Potion

    6. Bourbon Cider Ginger Punch

    7. Sour Apple and Lime Embalming Fluid

    8. Green Pineapple Punch

    9. Blood Orange Sangria

    10. Black Spiced Rum

    11. Purple Potion

    12. Hot Buttered Apple Cider With Rum

    13. Sparkling Apple Cider Punch

    14. Killer Halloween Punch

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