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Dear Germans, Please Stop Your Outrageous Lies About Your Apartments

See for yourself. (:

Recently, I made the decision to move to Berlin for the summer. And obviously, the first thing I did was look for an apartment I could sublet while there.

I wanted to stay within my budget so I started looking for a shared apartment situation.

Pretty quickly, I realized that these Germans were totally misrepresenting their homes.

One listing described their home as "cozy."

For reference, this is an example of "cozy" in NYC.

Now, readers, THIS is an apartment listed as "cozy" in Berlin.

THIS "cozy" room is where my dog and his three dog sitters I'd hire with all my leftover money would live.

This is my actual, real-life NYC kitchen that I pay half of my paycheck for:

This is a typical Berlin kitchen, according to a German colleague of mine. 😑

There's a reason Germans have the lowest beds I've ever slept on. They're trying to FILL UP SPACE!

In conclusion, NYC has distorted my grasp of the English language and Berlin has gorgeous, human-sized apartments I want to live in forever.