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    I Tried The Viral Garlic Peeling Trick, And Figured Out The Lie

    It's nonsense.

    There's a video making its way around the internet this week that purports to show you a time-saving method for peeling garlic.

    I've wasted many seconds of my life peeling garlic, so I HAD to test this little trick myself.

    I found three heads of garlic β€” one with tightly bound cloves, one with loosely packed cloves, and one somewhere in the middle β€” to test out the trick.

    I started with the loosely packed head of cloves β€” and it WORKED!

    But, lol, that GIF captures the only instance in which the trick worked.

    I thought maybe my coworker Jesse Szewczyk might have a firmer grip, but he couldn't get the moderately packed head of garlic to work either.

    ...And it did NOT work with the tightly packed head of garlic. Though for half of half a second, I thought it did.

    In conclusion, I'm pretty sure this trick only works with super-loosely packed heads of garlic, and probably only if you've already done the work of peeling off a few layers already. I was able to get out 2 out of 15 cloves of garlic, and destroyed three heads of garlic in the process.