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    19 Mistakes All Tourists Make Around The World

    Read this before your next vacation. H/T Quora

    1. Barcelona, Spain: Referring to Barcelona as "Barca."

    2. Paris, France: Calling the newer of Paris’s two main airports “Charles de Gaulle."

    3. New York, New York: Going to Times Square.

    4. London, UK: Sitting right next to someone when there are many empty seats around.

    5. Atlanta, Georgia: Calling it "Hotlanta."

    6. Dublin, Ireland: Spilling beer on the floor.

    7. Toronto, Canada: Pronouncing it “To-ron-toe” instead of “Tuh-ronno”

    8. Bangkok, Thailand: Entering someone's home without taking your shoes off.

    9. Portland, Oregon: Using an umbrella when it's raining outside.

    10. Moscow, Russia: Whistling indoors.

    11. Singapore: Sticking or throwing out chewing gum in a public space.

    12. Berlin, Germany: Putting your feet up on the seat next to you.

    13. Edinburgh, Scotland: Pronouncing the "G" at the end of Edinburgh.

    14. London, UK: Ordering a full English breakfast.

    15. Melbourne, Australia: Calling these "flip-flops."

    16. Amsterdam, Netherlands: Walking on bike lanes.

    17. Cairo, Egypt: Wearing camouflage clothing.

    18. Tehran, Iran: Not trying to haggle supermarket prices.

    19. Madrid, Spain: Eating lunch before 1 p.m.