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    Updated on Jul 16, 2019. Posted on Jul 26, 2018

    We Asked Food Pros To Show Us What They Eat For Breakfast

    We asked everyone — from chefs, to cookbook authors, to TV hosts — how they kick off their day.

    Some people say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.


    But what are people * actually * eating to kick off their days? To find out, we asked a bunch of food pros from across the industry — from chefs, to food writers and researchers — what they have for breakfast on a normal day. Are the everyday meals they eat as decadent as the ones they cook for the public or promote on Instagram? Here are some of their answers.

    1. English muffin with bacon, ham, cheese, and egg

    Ted Allen

    "My full breakfast of choice is sunny-side egg, Canadian bacon, ham, Jarlsberg cheese, Aleppo pepper flakes, and a buttered English muffin with raspberry preserves. It’s basically a simplified version of Eggs Bennie. And coffee!"

    —Ted Allen, author and TV personality

    2. Greek yogurt and blueberries

    Lumeng Jin

    "Yogurt and fruit are always my to-go breakfast. They're good sources of protein and fiber, and most importantly, easy to prepare! Today I had coconut Chobani Greek yogurt and blueberries. I often switch them up and pick a different type of yogurt or fruit to make it more fun."

    —Lumeng Jin, food & beverage research manager

    3. Oatmeal with fruit, nuts, and honey

    Vallery Lomas

    "I cook a batch of steel-cut oats on Sunday, and I eat them throughout the week. I top them with honey, whatever fresh fruit is in season, and nuts to give it some texture. My day is filled with tempting, indulgent food (especially sweets!), so it’s really important for me to start each morning with something really nourishing."

    —Vallery Lomas, winner of Great American Baking Show, food blogger, and TV personality

    4. Porridge with whatever's in the fridge

    Mimi Lan

    "I usually make a big pot of porridge with whatever condiments I have in the fridge. There's something super comforting about porridge for me, AND it gives me the carbs I need to get me through the day."

    —Mimi Lan, chef

    5. Peanut butter and strawberry jam toast

    Alicia Kennedy

    "While my breakfast can vary from day to day depending on the temperature and what's in the kitchen, I usually just spread a piece of sourdough toast (not homemade) with peanut butter and strawberry jam (again, neither are homemade). I rarely have a taste for an extravagant or savory breakfast — the rest of the day takes care of those impulses."

    —Alicia Kennedy, food writer

    6. Papaya with mint, topped with honey

    @chefmarcela / Via, Marcela Valladolid

    "I have a plate of super ripe papaya topped with chopped, fresh mint, and basil (both from my garden), drizzled with raw honey or agave."

    —Marcela Valladolid, chef, author, and TV host

    7. Water and coffee

    Laura Ock

    "The sad truth is, I don’t have time for breakfast. Really, most chefs don’t. At least I get good free coffee at work. And water."

    —Laura Ock, chef de cuisine at Doubting Thomas

    8. Pre-workout powder and black iced coffee

    Vaughn Vreeland / BuzzFeed

    "My oatmeal is harvested every morning by the Quaker I keep on staff. No breakfast is complete without black sea salt and a drizzle of Manuka honey -- Just kidding, I don't eat breakfast. Unless you count pre-workout powder and black iced coffee as a meal."

    —Vaughn Vreeland, producer for Tasty

    9. Rice rolls from a street cart

    Eric Sze

    "I've been coming to this cart in Chinatown for six years and it always hits the spot. Usually, I get the rice roll with fish egg (extra spicy). The cart has no official name but the owner says it's been called May's cart (that's her name) for a while. Boba Guys' mango tea fresca with aloe jelly is my drink of choice! Then it's black iced coffee until 9 p.m., then switches to scotch."

    —Eric Sze, chef and co-founder of 886

    10. Green smoothie with peanut butter, ginger, and kale

    Molly Yeh

    "I have a green smoothie every morning, consisting of an apple, a big plop of peanut butter, a squeeze of lemon juice, a piece of ginger, a few shakes of turmeric, and then a few huge handfuls of spinach and kale. To save time, I make a few smoothie buckets at a time and keep them in my freezer. Then in the mornings, I dump everything into my blender with some water, stab it a few times with a butter knife just to break it up, and then blend into oblivion!"

    —Molly Yeh, food blogger and host of Girl Meets Farm

    11. A Spanish tortilla with ham

    Channing Centeno

    "I make a Spanish tortilla every couple of weeks and they last me a few days. I like to make my potatoes crispier than the traditional recipe. I throw whatever aliums I have around, usually caramelized onions or garlic confit.

    Pro move: Pair the omelette with something salty like boquerones or jamón."

    —Channing Centeno, bartender at Seamstress and Otis

    12. Korean stew

    @chefdouglaskim / Via, Douglas Kim

    "With brisket, salmon roe, Korean seaweed, and pickles."

    —Douglas Kim, chef and owner of Jeju Noodle Bar

    13. Iced coffee and peanut butter pretzels

    "As a food writer, I spend a lot of time stressing the importance of eating well and really enjoying your food — but when it comes to what I actually eat for breakfast, I have yet to take my own advice. Every morning I have a large Dunkin' Donuts coffee loaded with cream and sugar, and a small cup of pretzels. After that coffee, I usually feel really dehydrated so I drink another coffee. Then sometimes another. This is probably why I feel so terrible all the time."

    —Jesse Szewczyk, food writer for BuzzFeed

    14. Chicken Rice Porridge

    Emily O'Brien

    "Last night’s dinner makes for the best breakfast. Leftover rice becomes rice porridge. My mom says cháo will cure whatever ails you, even heartbreak. I say cháo is like a hug from the inside. Either way, might as well start every day with a cure for anything and a hug."

    —Genevieve Erin O’Brien, food-based performance artist and private chef

    15. Egg Noodle Soup with pork and fried garlic

    Garima Arora

    "My breakfast spot most days of the week is from Uncle Noodles, who sits across the street from our restaurant. He serves egg noodle soup or 'Bhaa Mhee Kiaw' with shrimp wontons, bbq pork, fried pork skin, and the best part: fried garlic."

    —Garima Arora, chef at Gaa

    16. Rice bowl with unagi and soft boiled egg, and an apple

    Tomo Kubo

    "My wife makes me a big breakfast every morning so I have lots of energy to cook ramen all day. This morning I had a traditional Japanese breakfast of unagi (eel), soft boiled egg, and seaweed on top of rice, and an apple."

    —Tomo Kubo, ramen chef at Tsujita Annex

    17. Whatever is up for grabs in the office kitchen

    Serena Dai

    "I cobble together breakfast every morning from what's available in the office. Usually that means toast with butter and this (honestly kind of weird, but still tasty) pre-packaged guac on top, which is essentially a poor man's avocado toast. Some days I skip breakfast entirely and just have coffee, which I know is bad but what can you do!"

    —Serena Dai, editor at Eater NY