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    12 Ways To Make Rice That's So Good, You'll Want To Eat It Cold

    Time to change things up.

    Hannah Wong / BuzzFeed

    A serving of rice makes the perfect foundation to any dish. And sometimes, it can even become the focal point to a meal.

    If you want to change up your lunch or dinner routine in a way that's easy and relatively cheap, try upgrading your rice recipe (or actually trying one at all). It'll be less work than experimenting with an involved meat dish that calls for a dozen new ingredients, and once you learn one new rice recipe, you'll be able to replicate it over and over for future meals. Here are 12 recipes to get you started.

    1. Red Mexican rice

    The trick to flavorful red rice is cooking white rice with chicken broth and a can of plump red tomatoes. Serve with lomo saltado, tacos, or your favorite protein dish. Recipe here.

    2. Cheesy Broccoli Rice

    Rice doesn't have to be just a vehicle for your other dishes. It can also be an easy way to incorporate more protein, fiber, or, yes, cheese, into your dish. Recipe here.

    3. Spicy Mushroom Rice

    This is one of those rice dishes that could almost stand alone. But if you're looking for the perfect main to serve it with, try it with chicken breast, meatless crispy tenders, or whatever other filling side you want. Recipe here.

    4. Yellow Jasmine Rice

    Aromatic, nutty, and ever so slightly creamy from the added butter, this yellow rice is the perfect base for a fried rice dish or even a serving of frozen vegetables. Recipe here.

    5. Cilantro Lime Rice

    This rice is for all the cilantro lovers. Stuff this one into your burritos or tacos, or simply serve with your choice of protein. Recipe here.

    6. Basil Pesto and Roasted Corn Rice

    If you don't have walnuts on hand for the pesto, feel free to substitute with almonds or pecans. Recipe here.

    7. Fried Rice With Egg

    It's true what they say: Adding an egg to any dish instantly makes it better. In this case, it's also the easiest way to upgrade your plain rice. Recipe here.

    8. Easy Coconut Rice

    Coconut milk, peas, and lime juice make an unlikely combination, but together they result in a rice dish that's equal parts creamy, zesty, and just textured enough. Recipe here.

    9. Turmeric Coconut Rice

    Coconut oil has gotten a bad rep in the last year — but the fact is that it's a staple ingredient in many Indian and East Asian cuisines. In this recipe, it's a delicious way to cook your onion and garlic and add a sweet, fragrant pop to your rice dish. Recipe here.

    10. Caribbean Confetti Rice

    Pineapple chunks and sweet bell peppers are honestly the healthiest way to optimize a traditionally savory food for a sweet palette. Recipe here.

    11. Butter Rice

    This is one of those genius recipes that forces you to rethink all the ingredients you already have in your pantry. Here, a stick of butter and some french onion soup transforms your usual rice into a fragrant, addictive dish. Recipe here.

    12. Saffron Rice

    Saffron might be one of the costliest spices out there, but just a single pinch will add a unique sweetness to even the most basic of foods. Recipe here.