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    These Are The Lessons Everyone Learns In Their Twenties

    From people who've been there. H/T Quora.

    1. Your “successful” peers aren’t actually that successful.


    "I know it seems like everyone graduated college and is making six figures and vacationing in Paris, but they’re not. That gold watch you see them wearing you can buy at Macy’s for, like, $40. All their new outfits are passed down from older friends. Their vacations to Hawaii — their dad hooked it up. Don’t worry, they’re all just as lost as you are."

    2. You and your job are replaceable (this is a good thing).

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    "Many companies like to portray themselves as families, but at the end of the day, that's just semantics. If your company can no longer afford you or thinks it can invest more wisely in someone else, you will be cut from that family pretty easily."

    "If you are a working professional, do not get too engaged with the corporate vision, as most of it is nonsense that not even the top guys may believe in. Do your job with the utmost sincerity, and remember — the Board only cares for its bonus, little else."

    All to say, stick to your personal priorities and don't deny yourself a work-life balance or a different opportunity for the sake of doing good by your company.

    3. Love in your twenties will serve as your teacher, in your middle life as your foundation, and in your old age as your fondest memories.


    "If you are in your twenties, many relationships will fail and function as learning exercises. So don’t stress it too much. It’s all just practice until you’re married. One day you're going to be married to the same person for the last 60 years and will reminisce about being alone."

    4. It's really and truly about the journey.

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    "I finished high school and was like, What next? Then went to college. I finished college and was like, What's next? then started traveling. After that, I was like, What next? And started a small business. I'm like, What next? now and realize I'll be asking this question for the rest of my life. Enjoy the ride."

    5. No one really knows what they're doing.


    "No matter how good you get at playing the adult, you never forget that underneath it all, at any age, you are always a scared little child, with no real idea of what you are doing.

    "Use this knowledge to recognize that everyone else is in the same position as you, no matter what image they project to the world. This can help you become more insightful, compassionate, and forgiving."

    6. Your social circle defines you.

    @leenydiaz / Via Twitter: @leenydiaz

    "If your friends are smart entrepreneurs who are successful, the environment will push you to do better, and you will develop faster as an entrepreneur.

    "For example, my business partner hangs out with a ton of product development people and engineers. He loves it as it helps him develop his skills when it comes to building products. Conversely, I hang out with a lot of business/finance guys, which helps me understand things like how to raise money or structure a buyout.

    "Surround yourself with people who will help you get to where you want to be in life."

    7. Don’t have unprotected sex.

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    "Just don’t… The short-term pleasure is not worth the possibility of a permanent STD or having a child with someone you have little connection with."

    8. If you want to grow fast, change your surroundings.

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    "Move out of your parents' house and care for yourself. Go to a city where you don’t know anyone. Set yourself up to live. You’ll learn the things you need and don’t need. You’ll learn the types of people you like spending your time with and those who suck your energy. You’ll learn to fend for yourself. It’s hard. But try it."

    And you don't have to make a move as drastic as moving to a new city — it can be something on a smaller scale, like changing your job, moving apartments, or even finding new friends. These are all different types of environments that affect your perspective.

    9. Acknowledge truths even when they are not explicitly told to your face.

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    "It took me three years to accept that my ex-boyfriend was still not sure about me and it had nothing to do with him not wanting to get married, which is what he said. If I had faced this fact — as my friends told me — and moved on, I would have saved some time. You need to acknowledge things even when they are not explicitly told to your face. Not everyone will do you that favor."

    Basically: Trust your intuition. Especially in matters of the heart.

    10. Character is forged through pressure and hardships.

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    "When you’re going through tough moments, be thankful! View challenging situations in your life as an opportunity to grow."



    "Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram… Social media is a lie. People might seem rich and happy but they don’t post their problems for the world to see. Shaping your reality too heavily after these images will destroy your self-esteem."

    12. Make yourself a priority once in a while.


    Don't think of it as an act of selfishness. It's necessary to restore and maintain your own sense of peace and well-being if you want to continue being a patient and giving friend, coworker, and family member. It's a platitude, but it's true: When you help yourself, you're helping others.

    13. You are not what other people think of you.

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    "Too many young people spend their time worried about what other people think of them. Guess what? You will never have everyone like you. Not even saints are liked by everyone. We all have flaws and some people will only see those flaws. It says more about them than you. Even otherwise good people may not like you, and sometimes it’s for reasons not even about you (maybe you remind them of someone that hurt them, or of something they don’t like about themselves)."

    14. It’s better to use anti-aging methods now than when you’re in your forties and desperate to turn back the hands of time.

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    "Quit smoking, put on the sunscreen, and stop the heavy drinking NOW because your skin will soon make it clear to the world whether or not you’ve been living recklessly."

    15. Record your twenties because they will most likely be the best time of your life, and they'll eventually be just memories.

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