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    These Are The Lessons Everyone Learns In Their Twenties

    From people who've been there. H/T Quora.

    1. Your “successful” peers aren’t actually that successful.

    2. You and your job are replaceable (this is a good thing).

    3. Love in your twenties will serve as your teacher, in your middle life as your foundation, and in your old age as your fondest memories.

    4. It's really and truly about the journey.

    5. No one really knows what they're doing.

    6. Your social circle defines you.

    7. Don’t have unprotected sex.

    8. If you want to grow fast, change your surroundings.

    9. Acknowledge truths even when they are not explicitly told to your face.

    10. Character is forged through pressure and hardships.


    12. Make yourself a priority once in a while.

    13. You are not what other people think of you.

    14. It’s better to use anti-aging methods now than when you’re in your forties and desperate to turn back the hands of time.

    15. Record your twenties because they will most likely be the best time of your life, and they'll eventually be just memories.