12 Ways To Slow Down Your Eating And Stop Inhaling Your Food

    Stop and smell the French fries.

    Slower eating is associated with several health benefits, but doing so can feel challenging when you're hungry and ready to devour your entire meal in three bites.

    Eating slowly can help you feel fuller faster by helping you tune into your body's satiety signals. It also contributes to digestive health, and generally leads to a greater appreciation for the food you're consuming.

    But how do you learn to slow down when you're used to the instant gratification of meals finished in a single moment? Here, we've outlined 12 ways to help you take your time and establish a more mindful relationship with your food. Remember that all of these strategies might feel awkward the first few times, but the effort-result loop of slower eating should eventually make this a habit you'll naturally want to stick to.

    1. Chew every single bite of food 40 times.

    2. Put your utensils down between bites.

    3. Eat with another slow eater (everyone knows one!)

    4. Chew with the non-dominant side of your mouth.

    5. Or eat with your non-dominant hand.

    6. Call someone up while you eat.

    7. Eat at a table instead of your bed or a sofa.

    8. Set an intention at the beginning of every meal.

    9. Help yourself to two or three smaller portions at a time instead of one large one.

    10. Drink a sip of water between bites.

    11. Set the mood for a slow-paced meal with candles and mellow music.

    12. Smell your food, both before and while you chew.