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19 Flavorful Dominican Recipes That Deserve A Spot On Your Table

I know what I'm cooking this weekend.

Dominican cuisine is a flavorful reflection of the varied influences that make up the country's history. 🇩🇴

From versatile tostones (or fried plantains) to savory sancocho (or hearty meat stew), here's a selection of some of the best dishes, drinks, and desserts from the Dominican Republic. Let's eat!

1. Sancocho

A bowl of sancocho garnished with fresh cilantro.

2. Pescado Con Coco

A plate of pescado con coco served with a side of white rice.

3. Tostones

A plate of tostones garnished with fresh lime.

4. Pudín de Pan

A fresh loaf of pudín de pan on a cake stand.

5. Chicharrón

Chicharrón plated with tostones and fresh lime.

6. Pasteles en Hoja

A plate of pasteles en hoja with sauce on top.

7. Pastelón de Plátano Maduro

A plate of pastelón de plátano maduro.

8. Mamajuana

The ingredients to make mamajuana, including rum, honey, and red wine.

9. Pollo Guisado

A plate of Dominican chicken, or pollo guisado

10. Arroz Con Guandules

A pan of arroz con guandules with fresh cilantro to garnish.

11. Yaniqueque

Yaniqueque stacked on a plate.

12. Mangú

A bowl of mangú topped with pickled red onions.

13. Los Tres Golpes

A plate of los tres golpes: salami, eggs, fried cheese, and mashed plantains.

14. Pescado Frito

A plate of pescado frito served with rice, plantains, and tomatoes.

15. Mofongo

A plate of mofongo garnished with fresh herbs.

16. La Bandera Dominicana (The Dominican Flag)

A full plate of la bandera — rice, red beans, chicken, tomatoes, and onions.

17. Morir Soñando

A tall glass of morir soñando.

18. Asopao de Pollo

A bowl of asopao de pollo served with plantains and fresh lime.

19. Pan de Coco

A fresh-baked pan de coco being sliced.

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