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Bartenders Are Revealing The Drinks They Legitimately Hate Making, And I'm Surprised By Some

"To me it says, 'I just turned 21, so I'm gonna get super wasted and not tip at all.'"

It's hard being a bartender. The customers can get sloppy, the drink recipes can be complex, and the environment can be hard to work in. Redditor u/Muthachucka asked, "Bartenders of Reddit: What drink makes you hate the person ordering it?" and bartenders came through. Read on for tips on how to be a better customer as bars open up again!

A bored bartender talking to two patrons at the bar.

1. "I'm a bartender in Ireland, and people ordering Guinness can be really annoying. Some want the head (the foam on top of beer) on it large. Other want it micro thin. Some people want it topped immediately, some want you to wait, and a few demand you wait up to five minutes. Older drinkers demand the old standard glass, while new drinkers like the new ones with the harp design."

2. "There's a drink that's literally called the 'pain in the ass.' It's half frozen piña colada and half frozen rum runner. Making that drink requires you to make two different frozen drinks at half-recipe portions, and then pour both into the glass simultaneously."

"The worst part of making that drink is that they're only ever ordered by people in the biz who think it's funny to order them."


3. "Mojitos. I will never in all my days forgive the person who ordered 20 mojitos 10 minutes before the end of a really busy night. My wrist aches just thinking about it."

4. "The mojito effect. You make one pair of customers mojitos, two others see them and order them, and then a group of four, and so on. And suddenly you’ve spent a half hour muddling fresh mint and nothing else is getting done."


5. "Any drink they order after waiting to be served for 10 minutes on a busy night but don't know what they want to order yet. My favorite was, 'I'll have, errrr...hey, Dave, what are you having?' Thirty seconds later, he's still shouting over to his mates."

Bartender taking orders behind the bar while customers on the other side are shouting and waving bills in front of her face.

6. "At our bar, we have this drink called unicorn juice that's basically five different types of syrup with a shot of rum that are layered to look like a rainbow. Such a bitch to make and so expensive for only one shot of alcohol."


7. "I don't care what they drink, but anyone who snaps their fingers to get your attention is going to be a disaster."

8. "I hate the 'One shot, please! (What kind of shot?) Oh, I don't know, just anything!' person. It might seem like a really easy order, but it's not, since you can easily mess up in the customer's eyes. Either the drink is too sweet, too strong, expensive, etc. Just think of a shot and order it!"


9. "An AMF (adios, motherfucker). To me it says, 'I just turned 21, so I'm gonna get super wasted, spray blue vomit everywhere, and not tip at all.'"

Glass filled with blue cocktail, a slice of lemon, mint leaves, a cherry, and a pink straw.

10. "A double vodka and Red Bull. This is not a drink that is hard to make, but it is designed to get you shitfaced. So when it’s the first drink someone orders, I know I’m in for a rough night with them."


11. "Worked in a somewhat nicer college bar for over two years, but we didn't get a ton of fancy drink orders most nights anyway. The one that always made me laugh was when anyone ordered well whiskey, neat or on the rocks. Being a college bar, that stuff was about as cheap as you can find, and it definitely wasn't sipping whiskey."

12. "I live in Ireland, so it shows a painful lack of awareness when a tourist orders an Irish car bomb. Seemingly without even a tiny bit of questioning of why it may cause trouble in certain parts."


13. "People who order martinis not knowing what they are and make faces at the taste of gin."

Martini glass on top of a table with blurred background. Herbs and slices of orange sit at the bottom of the glass.

14. "Only hot drinks irk me. I'm usually behind the bar alone trying to get drink after drink out, and making hot drinks just crushes my rhythm, it doesn't make much money, and it takes quite a bit of time."

"Admittedly it's partially because my coffee machine sucks and it's shoved away, half behind a corner; might not be so bad if I could just push a button and let it get on with it."


15. "Any shot that is served layered when it's super busy. If it's not busy, then it's kinda fun."

Two shot glasses with filled three layers of (from top) orange, white, and translucent dark red liquor.

16. "I'm fine with making complicated craft cocktails, but if, after four minutes of shaving nutmeg and plucking mint leaves, I serve you your drink and your indecisive friend just goes, 'Oh, that looks good, I'll have one of those,' then FUCK YOU, CRAIG."

"I could have made two of these in the same shaker at the same time, but now I have to do this shit all over again and I'm five tickets deep, and the servers are getting pissed at me."


17. "I enjoy making nonbasic drinks for people because it makes me feel like an actual bartender and not just a 'drink pourer.' That being said, when our bar is busy and someone asks for an ice cream drink, they can fuck right off. Brandy alexander, grasshopper, pink squirrel, fuck you!"

Tall glass filled with frothy cold cocktail drink, sitting on top of a glass surface. Various Italian paraphernalia litters the surface.

18. "When someone orders their drink tall and bitches that it is weak. Tall doesn't mean more alcohol*."


*A tall drink actually means it just has more of the nonalcoholic mixer in it.

19. "Ordering a Bloody Mary at night when the bar is slammed will for sure piss your bartender off 10/10 times. You better tip extra."

Person holding a Bloody Mary topped with herbs and a dark straw

20. "Anything that involves the blender. Go to a gas station and get a damn Slurpee. I'll throw a shot of rum in for you."

A slushy bright green margarita with a lime wedge and red straw

21. "Someone who orders drinks one at a time instead of giving you the whole order, then orders a pint of Guinness last."

Glass of dark Guinness beer on top of wooden counter

Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.

Bartenders, have any to add? Share in the comments! 🍹