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    May 1, 2017

    This Is Not A Drill: An EDM Music Fest Is Coming To Disneyland Paris

    Coachella who?

    We can all agree that between the iconic sights, magical rides, and delicious eats, Disneyland Paris looks downright magical.


    And this summer, it's making its grounds even more dreamlike with its first one-day electronic dance music festival 😱

    Electroland / Via

    The event will take place on Saturday, July 8, 2017, from 7pm to midnight. A standard ticket costs £52.00 ($67), while a privilege ticket — which grants early access to the park — costs £65.00 ($84). More here.

    According to the press release, the event will feature Steve Aoki as the headlining act, as well as Australian duo NERVO and French DJs Michael Calfan and Richard Orlinski.

    @steveaoki / Via

    The event space will be outfitted with giant LED screens, projections on The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, and "surprise immersive elements."

    Electroland / Via

    Since the park already knows a thing or two about fireworks and light shows, we're guessing the ~immersive~ stuff will go off without a hitch.

    Eric Feferberg / AFP / Getty Images / Via

    We're not expecting any Fyres, folks 🔥😏.

    The best part? According to the website, a ticket to the fest ALSO grants you five hours of access to the park's rides, meaning if you're not particularly feeling a song, you can take a break at Thunder Mountain.

    @disneyparksphotography / Via

    Or, you know, just explore the entrancing wonderland that is Disneyland Paris.

    @myinteraction / Via
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