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    Every Pet Owner Needs To Know About This Custom PJ Service

    And by the way, your pet doesn't have to be a dog.

    Everyone in the world thinks their pet is the cutest.

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    Well, one company who agrees with you is now offering to stamp your furry pet's mug onto your pajamas.

    Sure, it's kind of extra, but wouldn't you want a pair if you also had the world's cutest doggo?!

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    Or cat — let's not forget about all of the cute cats out there.

    The custom sleepwear and caftan company, Patricia's Couture, was created by Patricia Altschul, from the Bravo show Southern Charm.

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    Altschul was inspired when she took a trip to India with her fashion-savvy entrepreneur friend Georgette Mosbacher. You know, how inspiration usually strikes all of us.

    To order your own pair, all you need to do is upload a picture of your pet and select one of three sizes.

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    According to the site, the PJs feature a "relaxed, comfortable fit", notched lapels, and are made with a poly-cotton blend. So, you know, the star of this garment is obviously meant to be your favorite lil' animal.

    And in case your pet is not of the dog or cat variety, the site clarifies that they are an inclusive company that will "print all pets."

    "So feel free to upload a picture of your rabbit, frog, hamster, fish, lizard, etc. All we ask is you own the rights or have permission to use the photo." Wow, I feel seen and heard.

    The only catch? One PJ set will set you back $179.

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    So, uh, maybe save this gift for a super special occasion?