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17 Beloved Local Foods That Gross Out The Rest Of The World

See if your country's unconventionally delicious dish made the list.

We asked the BuzzFeed Community to share the delicious delicacies their country is known for. Here are the 17 best submissions:

1. Mexico: Escamol

2. US: Frog legs

3. South Korea: Beondegi

4. US: Brain sandwich

5. UK: Black pudding

6. Iceland: Kæstur hákarl

7. Germany: Schmalz

8. Finland: Mykyrokka

9. Colombia: Hormigas culonas

10. Nicaragua: Beef tongue

11. India: Red ant chutney

12. Australia: Kangaroo meat

13. Japan: Shirako

14. Russia: Kholodets

15. Canada: Moose meat

16. Peru: Cuy asado

17. Norway: Smalahove

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