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17 Beloved Local Foods That Gross Out The Rest Of The World

See if your country's unconventionally delicious dish made the list.

We asked the BuzzFeed Community to share the delicious delicacies their country is known for. Here are the 17 best submissions:

1. Mexico: Escamol

2. US: Frog legs

3. South Korea: Beondegi

Ma-no / Getty Images


This South Korean street food is made with silkworm pupae and served with toothpicks. It's also served in cans in grocery stores and enjoyed as a nutty snack.

4. US: Brain sandwich

5. UK: Black pudding

Nobtis / Getty Images

"It's not actually a pudding; it's actually a blood sausage made from pig's blood that's very common in a full English breakfast. Tastes much better than it sounds."


6. Iceland: Kæstur hákarl

Iam-photography / Getty Images

"Kæstur hákarl is fermented shark; it’s sometimes served with brennivin, a vodka-like spirit, because the shark's taste is so strong!"


7. Germany: Schmalz

Dirkr / Getty Images

In Germany, rendered animal fat is often used as sandwich spread or for frying.

8. Finland: Mykyrokka

9. Colombia: Hormigas culonas

10. Nicaragua: Beef tongue

Angelsimon / Getty Images

"I know it sounds disgusting, but don't knock it til you try it!"


Tongue is actually a part of many cuisines, including Korean, Italian, and Polish cuisine.

11. India: Red ant chutney

12. Australia: Kangaroo meat

Jackie_istock / Getty Images

"I live in the US, but my parents are Australian and Norwegian. And in Australia, my parents ate kangaroo meat. It sounds crazy, but it's just like eating deer here in the states."


13. Japan: Shirako

Y-studio / Getty Images

"In Japan we eat shirako aka cod sperm sacs. They're cooked raw, boiled, steamed, and all sorts of other ways. You name it, it's been done."


14. Russia: Kholodets

15. Canada: Moose meat

Birgittas / Getty Images

"I don't know how much of a traditional delicacy it is, but I'm Canadian and I've eaten moose meat a few times. Honestly, it just tastes kind of like spicy beef."


16. Peru: Cuy asado

17. Norway: Smalahove

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