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    Costco's Food Court Is Testing Cheeseburgers And They Look Glorious

    That bun tho.

    Between their bulk-sized deals and their ~legendary~ samples, Costco is pretty much a food lover's haven.

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    Even the food court is magical. Maybe it's the fact that by the time you make it there you're hangry, but for some reason, everything on its standard menu of hot dogs and sandwiches somehow tastes like a Michelin-starred meal, IMO.

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    I can personally think of more than one Costco trip I tagged along on just for the chance to lunch on a berry smoothie and jumbo slice of pizza.

    Well, the Costco food court might be about to give us yet another reason to give them our money.


    The newest menu addition? CHEESEBURGERS. 😍

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    According to Foodbeast, Costco is now testing jumbo-sized cheeseburgers in select markets. They're made with organic beef and challah buns. 😱

    @Preovolos / Via Twitter: @Preovolos

    It's made with "an organic beef patty, romaine lettuce, smoked Thousand Island dressing, tomatoes, and cheddar cheese," all sandwiched between challah buns. As for the mysterious "smoked Thousand Island dressing"? "The special sauce is proprietary and cannot be shared," a Costco spokesperson told BuzzFeed Food.

    I mean, just look at this beast:

    @Preovolos / Via Twitter: @Preovolos

    Almost makes you wanna borrow your mom's Costco card and make the drive for the burger alone.

    So far, the burger has drawn pretty positive reviews, with one Instagram user noting that it's "as big as a typical sit-down restaurant burger."

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    TBH, wouldn't expect any less from Costco.

    Though earlier reports confirmed the burger's availability in Southern California and Washington, it's also been recently spotted at select Costcos in North Carolina, Georgia, and Colorado.


    "This item is currently being tested at 10 Costco locations," a Costco spokesperson told BuzzFeed Food. In California, that includes Corona, Pacoima, Livermore, Folsom, and Lakewood. It is currently priced at $4.99.

    Costco has piloted cheeseburgers in the past, but the recent hype might just mean we may see this iteration become a permanent addition to the menu.

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