32 Underrated Cooking Tricks That'll Make Anything You Cook Taste Even Better

    Kinda wish I'd learned some of these sooner.

    If you're anything like me, you've probably been spending way too much time cooking in your kitchen over the past year. To cut out some of the work that goes into making all those tasty dishes, read on for a ton of super-easy (and super-useful!) cooking tricks. 🔪

    1. If you're cooking a recipe that calls for sautéing both onions and garlic, do the onions first.

    Pot filled with browned sliced onions

    2. Add brown sugar to your tomato sauce to make the overall flavor even richer.

    Pan full of chunky tomato sauce with wooden spoon on top

    3. To make oven-baked chicken taste fried, add a bit of mayo to the usual egg–and–bread crumbs coating.

    Plastic Ziploc bag filled with raw chicken and mayo and egg combination

    4. When juicing limes or lemons, cut the bottom off first so that all the juice runs through the fruit instead of getting trapped in the rind.

    Two pictures side-by-side; first picture shows someone cutting the bottom end of an already halved lime. The second picture shows the lime half being placed into a squeezer

    5. Sprinkle flour on your bacon to reduce grease splatters.

    Greasy strips of bacon on griddle surface

    6. And for a mess-free bacon experience, cook it in the oven instead of on the stove top.

    Paper towel covered with strips of cooked crispy bacon

    7. Know when to use ground pepper versus cracked pepper.

    Two pictures side-by-side; the first picture is a small glass bowl filled with finely ground black pepper. The second picture is of cracked black pepper

    8. Remember to season your cold foods more than your hot foods.

    Overhead shot of a hand seasoning a salad made with green leaves, radish, and green peas with black pepper.

    9. To make extra-fluffy pancakes, leave a few lumps in the batter.

    10. Cracking eggs? Use an eggshell to scoop up any stray broken pieces.

    11. Crack eggs on a flat surface instead of the edge of a bowl.

    Woman cracking an egg into a small white bowl

    12. For a safer and less stressful cooking experience, sharpen your knives.

    Man sharpening a kitchen knife on sharpening steel. He is at his kitchen, which is covered with fresh vegetables and raw meat on a wooden board

    13. Rinse your rice before cooking to prevent it from becoming gloopy.

    Close-up of bowl with rice filled with water being drained

    14. Save the stems of herbs and add them to soups, stews, or stocks while cooking.

    Bowl filled with soup ingredients as well as fresh stalks of herbs

    15. Use a bench scraper to easily transfer food from your cutting board to your pan.

    Person using red bench scraper to drop cut green onions into black pan and scoop up yellow onions

    16. Find the sweetest watermelons by looking for a yellow patch and listening for a hollow sound.

    A dad holding up a large watermelon with a yellow patch to his smiling daughter sitting in his cart

    17. Use a flexible spatula to neatly flip your over-easy eggs.

    18. For extra-creamy scrambled eggs, be sure to stir them constantly while they're on the pan.

    19. Freshen up stale cookies by placing a piece of bread in your cookie container.

    Chocolate chip cookie and slice of bread with a big black plus sign between them, showing that they go well together

    20. If you want to brown something, don't overcrowd the pan.

    Metal pan filled with browned chicken and cooked vegetables, on a wooden surface

    21. And be sure to cook all the water off first.

    Pan filled with oil, meat, peppers, and naan bread

    22. After you're finished cooking your steak, let the meat rest.

    Person cutting a freshly cooked piece of steak. The picture has a white "X" going through it, indicating that this is not a good practice

    23. When making pie dough, use a grater to get mini chunks of butter.

    Cheese grater with pile of grated butter to the side

    24. If you find a recipe online that you want to use, check the comments for any tips or precautions.

    Little boy helping his dad wash carrots in a kitchen sink. Their kitchen is surrounded by exposed brick walls and shelves filled with kitchenware

    25. Use more than one type of vinegar when you're dressing a salad.

    26. When making fried rice, prep the pan by cooking an egg in it first.

    Pan filled with raw eggs, about to be cooked

    27. Season your food from a distance to make sure all components get evenly covered.

    28. Resize your sheet pan with a bit of aluminum foil.

    Metal pan with strip of aluminum foil placed on the right third of the pan that effectively creates a smaller pan holding some dough

    29. When it comes to heat, don't feel the need to flip things over or stir them constantly.

    Woman opening oven to check inside it

    30. Generously salt your pasta water.

    Wooden spoon with a tablespoon of salt being poured into a pot of boiling water

    31. Don't add your pasta until the water is already boiling.

    32. Lastly, whatever you do: Don't rinse your pasta after cooking it.

    Pasta spoon stirring a bit of pasta in pot of boiling water

    What's your favorite cooking tip or trick? Share in the comments below!