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Here's All The Impossibly Hipster Food At Coachella This Year

The only lineup you need to know.

1. This next-level peanut butter, marshmallow fluff, crushed Oreos, and banana sandwich:

@beerbelly_la / Via

2. This fancy AF filet mignon grilled cheese:

@foodnom / Via

3. These s'mores that are "torched to order":

@letmeeatcake / Via

4. This lobster mac 'n' cheese perfection:

@foodnom / Via

5. This horchata donut 😍:

@coachellafood / Via

6. These hangover-curing buffalo wings with blue cheese crumbles:

@lafoodieguy / Via

7. This boozy snow cone:

@bitesandbashes / Via

8. This "plain" buttermilk fried chicken sandwich...

@nycfoodcoma / Via

9. And this dressed-up buffalo fried chicken sandwich with blue cheese dressing:

@dad_beets / Via

10. These dreamy waffle pops:

@coachellafood / Via

11. These insane pulled pork, flamin' hot, mac 'n' cheese tots:

@dailyfoodfeed / Via

12. This rosé popsicle:

@feedmeorgtfo / Via

13. This $35 gold flake donut:

@bikinidotcom / Via

14. This ice cream–stuffed desert treat:

@aimeizing / Via

15. This cheeseburger made with fried mac 'n' cheese "buns":

@transatlanticfoodies / Via

16. These chana masala fries better than your favorite Indian spot:

@veganfatkid / Via

17. These photogenic Oreo-chunks-filled cones:

@Instagram / Via

18. And last but not least, these churros that are more extra than your Day 3 outfit:

@ridgeschurrobar / Via