31 Glorious Italian Desserts That Are Worth Making At Home Year-Round

    Some of these are most popular during the holidays, but if you ask me, they can (and absolutely should) be enjoyed all the time.

    Italian desserts are simple but irresistible, both in texture and in taste.

    Italian gelato in a cone

    1. Cannoli

    A pyramid of cannoli filled with ricotta cream and studded with chocolate and crushed pistachio pieces

    2. Gelato al Pistacchio

    Cone of pistacchio gelato with specks of crunchy chocolate chips and pistachio bits

    3. Cartellate

    Curls of vincotto-coated cartellate on a white tray

    4. Torta Della Nonna

    Wooden tray holding a custard cream-filled torta della nonna

    5. Brownie Tiramisu

    Tiny glass parfait cup containing brownie tiramisu with a metal spoon

    6. Bomboloni

    Brown bag filled with cream-filled bombolone

    7. Panettone

    Slice of panettone is torn off, showing the raisin-spotted inside of a panettone

    8. Castagnole Fritte

    Ceramic plate filled with fried castagnole coated with granulated sugar

    9. Zabaglione (or Zabaione)

    Two tiny glass cups are filled with creamy zabaglione and topped with a thin biscotti piece

    10. Amaretti

    Cooling tray crowded with powdered sugar-coated amaretti

    11. Ciambellone

    A hand holds a piece of a ciambellone slice. On the same plate are also cracked pieces of dark chocolate

    12. Pandoro

    A tall pandoro with a fat slice resting next to it

    13. Panforte

    Dense-looking panforte sliced to show that the inside is filled with nuts and fruit bits

    14. Frappe

    Flaky slices of sugar-dusted fried dough curls on a plate

    15. Zeppole

    Sugar-dusted, plushy zeppole on a square white plate

    16. Sfogliatella

    Eight sfogliatella sit on a white plate; cream bursts out of each of them

    17. Ricciarelli

    Crumbly, soft, and plush ricciarelli cookies dusted with sugar. On top of the stack of three cookies is a single almond

    18. Baci di Dama

    Three tiny cookie sandwiches made up of two dome-shaped hazelnut-specked cookies and a chocolate filling

    19. Sgroppino

    Glasses filled with sgroppino and garnished with a lemon slice

    20. Zuppa Inglese

    Tiny glass filled with layers of ladyfingers, chocolate, pastry cream, and cranberries

    21. Torta di Riso

    Squares of torta di riso fresh out of the oven

    22. Brutti ma Buoni

    Cooling tray crowded with meringue Brutti ma Buoni cookies

    23. Sicilian Torta di Pistacchio

    Large pistachio-coated and frosted cake

    24. Befanini

    Tiny shortbread cookies decorated with colorful sprinkles and icing

    25. Crostata di Ricotta e Cioccolato

    Slice of a ricotta and chocolate tart with lattice top

    26. Almond Biscotti

    A glass cup holds four crumbly-looking, almond biscotti

    27. Almond Semifreddo

    A large serving of semifreddo topped with almond bits and a drizzle of chocolate on top

    28. Torrone

    Two squares of chunky torrone, one on top of the other

    29. Panna Cotta

    Small glass cup filled with creamy panna cotta and topped with raspberries and blackberries

    30. Baba

    Several shiny baba organized into paper wrappings on a metal tray

    31. Pizzelle

    A tall stack of symmetric pizzelle waffles

    What's your favorite Italian dessert? Share in the comments!