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    You Guys, Chipotle Is Finally Adding Dessert To Its Menu


    Last year, Chipotle teased that it might be introducing a new dessert item to its menu.

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    According to Business Insider, that dream will turn into reality next month, when the Mexican fast-food chain starts testing its first dessert.


    "We haven’t had a dessert before mostly because we didn’t have one in the beginning and we very rarely change our menu," a Chipotle spokesperson told BuzzFeed Food.

    The featured dessert? Buñuelos — fried flour tortilla strips topped with honey, cinnamon, and sugar 😍. We're guessing they'll look sommmmmething like this:

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    While the sweet snack — popular in Spain, South America, Mexico, and other regions — often comes in the form of a fried ball of dough, Chipotle's variation will be flat. "Think squares of flour tortilla, fried, dusted with cinnamon and sugar, and sprayed with honey," a Chipotle spokesperson told BuzzFeed Food. "They’ll be served in a bag much like our chip bags, and have an apple, caramel butter dipping sauce."

    Since the buñuelos will be topped with sugar, cinnamon, AND honey, Chipotle says they'll be "a little sticky, but only a little," — meaning they'll still be something you can munch on the go.

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    "They’re packaged in a way that you could eat them at a table (like chips) or on your way out after lunch," said a Chipotle spokesperson.

    While Chipotle won't yet say which locations will start testing the buñuelos, we're crossing our fingers that they'll be nationwide soon.

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