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Chipotle Is Testing Queso And It Looks Better Than My Summer Fling

But there's a catch.

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The wish-come-true? CHIPOTLE IS TESTING QUESO. 👀

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Despite the company previously saying that they'd never mass-produce a "goopy cheese," the fast-casual chain started testing its first queso dip in a public test kitchen in NYC earlier this week.

According to Business Insider, the experimental Chipotle branch located in NYC's Chelsea neighborhood will test-drive Chipotle's in-the-works items, as well as the newest ordering technology.

Though a bit thicker than your standard elastic queso, this cheddar-based dip is comparable in taste and is said to have a slow, smoky burn.

Among other ingredients, it's made with cheddar cheese, chipotle chili, cumin, tomatillo, and garlic.


...As well as Chipotle's first dessert: buñuelos.

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This dessert consists of squares of fried flour tortilla dusted with cinnamon and sugar and sprayed with honey, and it's served with an apple and caramel butter dipping sauce.

BuzzFeed Food has reached out to Chipotle for comment.