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    Here's Which Bags Of Chips Actually Have The Least Air (And The Most Chips)

    These are the answers we need and deserve.

    It's probably happened to you: You eagerly open up a bag of chips, only to be greeted by a huge pocket of air and seven sad chips tumbling at the bottom.

    Well, cry no more fam, because someone finally found out which bags of chips have the best and worst chip-to-air ratio.


    The top three bags filled with the most chips? Fritos, Pringles, and Tostitos.

    Oh, and the *least* filled bags? Cheetos, Ruffles, and Pita Chips.

    The company landed at those numbers by using the water displacement method, in which the bags or cans were submerged in water to calculate the total space in the containers.

    According to the report, the air isn't completely useless — it's actually nitrogen, a safe gas that preserves the product's freshness and protects it from all the handling it goes through during shipping.

    For more, check out the full report here.