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    People Are Obsessed With Using This Pickle Juice For Literally Everything

    Send this to your friend who always wants to do a pickleback shot.

    If you're anything like me, you know that pickles are the grossest things on the planet.


    They're wet, floppy, overly salted vegetables and I have no idea why people keep putting them in my burgers??

    Well, whether you hate 'em or love 'em, let me introduce you to the Amazon reviews for Best Maid Dill Juice.

    I swear to you by the end of the post you'll be ordering yourself a gallon of pickle juice and asking your best friend for her mailing address.

    This thing has 676 reviews and a 4.5 star-average rating. It's also the #1 bestseller in the absolutely flooded "Dill Pickles" category.

    It's the Academy Awards of niche products.

    People think this tastes "JUST LIKE THE JUICE in pickle jars."

    Dear Lord, let me find someone who loves me as much as pickle juice lovers love this juice.

    Some think it's the perfect "post-exercise drink for calf cramps."

    It's even physical therapist-approved for that exact purpose!

    ...Or nighttime leg cramps. I guess people just get a lot of cramps, idk.

    It's the best thing for "after mowing the lawn."

    My general takeaway at this point is that I need to invest in pickle juice and also more active hobbies.

    Or for pickle popsicles and pickle "snow cones."

    *Insert Confused Man with question marks meme*

    If you're on the keto diet, then you damn bet you need to pair this pickle juice with your lard and cheese meatloaf.

    The perfect thing to chase your bacon-wrapped boiled eggs with.

    This salty pale juice is also the perfect liquid to hydrate with after a long afternoon under the summer heat.

    Water is for people who use SPF 200 and wait half an hour after eating to swim.

    Got a friend's birthday coming up? Pickle juice also makes the perfect gift.

    In other words, whether your leg is cramping, or your 20th wedding anniversary is coming up, or you're living in a city in which it is now summer, you need a gallon of pickle juice.


    You can get a gallon from Amazon for $17.98.

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