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    21 Low-Key Brilliant Camping Hacks To Try Out

    Here's how to make your next trip even better.

    1. Cook eggs and bacon in a paper bag.

    2. Bring a jug of camping sangria to day drink while you lounge.

    3. When you're ready to pack up your shoes, just enclose them in a cheap shower cap to keep all the dirt in.

    4. Crack eggs into a bottle for easy storage and transportation.

    5. Prevent blow-away bags of trash by slipping one on a foldable laundry basket.

    6. Make S'Moreos.

    7. Place your iPhone in a cup to instantly boost its volume (and have an impromptu tent party!)

    8. Learn all the ways to make a great campfire that lasts.

    9. Toss an old rug on the floor to smooth out bumps on the floor and make it a cozier space.

    10. Make fire bombs to use as kindling for long bonfire nights.

    11. Let the kids in your group enjoy the outdoors with this camping scavenger hunt.

    12. Fasten a cork to your keys so that if you lose 'em in a lake or a bowl of punch, they'll float to the top.

    13. Use an old ketchup bottle to dispense pre-made pancake mix.

    14. Pack some multi-use zip ties, which you can use to tie down tarps, pack things tightly, or as impromptu locks.

    15. Use hollowed-out oranges to bake mini muffins or cupcakes.

    16. Whip up some easy foil-wrapped meals, like this beef, potato, and carrot bundle.

    17. You can even make foil-wrapped desserts, like this chocolate marshmallow banana boat.

    18. Bring a bottle of Dr. Bronner's multi-purpose soap to wash your hands, clothes, and literally anything else that needs cleaning.

    19. Use a beer can to make campfire popcorn.

    20. Use a mesh bag to air-dry your pots and utensils.

    21. Throw in some glow sticks in your cooler at night so you don't accidentally grab a can of beer instead of soda.