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    $1 Long Island Iced Teas Are Coming To Applebee's, So Happy Holidays

    It's LIIT.

    You might remember that back in October, Applebee's blessed us with $1 margaritas.

    Well, just in time for the holidays, more $1 drinks are dropping later this week, BuzzFeed Food has exclusively learned.

    The deal? Every day for the month of December, Applebee's will be offering their Long Island Iced Teas for $1. ONE DOLLAR!

    And FYI: The Applebee's Long Island Iced Tea will be made with a combination of five spirits: rum, vodka, gin, tequila and triple sec.

    According to Applebee's, nearly all of their restaurants nationwide will be participating in the promotion.

    Unfortunately for NYC'ers, most of the non-participating locations will be in their city. Womp.

    And according to Twitter, their Long Island Iced Teas are apparently pretty strong. 🚨 You have been warned. 🚨


    Happy holidays!