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    Two Years After I Moved To Europe, Here Are The 15 Things About America I'm Most Homesick For

    "The idea of it is so all-American — and I haven't been able to find the equivalent of it since moving."

    Hi there, I'm Michelle. Almost two years ago, I made the move from the US to Germany, and while I love this part of the world, I've been feeling homesick lately for all the little things I can only do in the States.

    The author pictures in Dresden, leaning on the second floor of a baroque building.

    Without further ado, here are all the things I'd do if I could live in the US again:

    1. Travel through the vast Midwest.

    Midwestern road with sunny clouds above, and corn fields to both sides.

    2. Appreciate small talk with strangers.

    Two women reading the label on a bottle of juice in a grocery store.

    3. Explore various desert landscapes.

    An Arizona valley is darkened by the setting sun.

    4. Grocery shop at a Trader Joe's.

    Red Trader Joe's sign in front of store.

    5. Go to any one of 400+ national parks across the country.

    Giant sequoia trees lining a narrow road.

    6. Appreciate the fact that I can do cumbersome bureaucratic tasks by myself.

    7. Have a sustained conversation about race politics.

    8. Be surrounded by locals who look like me.

    9. Visit Disneyland. 😍

    The Disneyland "Small World" castle surrounded by water

    10. Buy and eat all the American snacks available.

    Shelf stocked with Hot Cheetos bags

    11. Visit my alma mater, Scripps College.

    Sunlit indoor garden with central mini fountain flanked by plants.

    12. Go to a drug store and stock up on meds.

    13. Appreciate the wonders of air-conditioned rooms.

    14. Make more friends.

    15. And above all, if I were still in the US, I'd appreciate my friends and family more.

    Have you ever moved from one country to another — and missed a lot about home? I'd love to hear about it in the comments below.