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    Just 10 Simple Things That I, A Very Anxious Person, Do To Make Long Flights Bearable

    Here are some of my favorite ways to stay calm, even when travel anxiety kicks in.

    Hi! I'm Michelle and I love traveling...but I'm also someone with a lot of anxiety, which means that each long flight turns into a lengthy exercise of keeping my sanity in check.

    But fortunately, I've taught myself a few easy (and mostly free!) tricks to chill out and relax in my seat in the sky. Here are some of my favorite ways to stay calm, even when travel anxiety kicks in.

    1. Take your shoes off and put on some soft, comfy slippers.

    A woman wearing mismatched slippers on a plane.

    2. Queue up an in-flight movie that will fully hold your attention — particularly one that you've watched before.

    A traveler watching an in-flight movie

    3. Download Max Richter's SLEEP album.

    A screenshot of a playlist on Spotify.

    4. Wear a silky, slip-proof eyemask.

    A woman wearing a sleep mask

    5. Wear the stretchiest, softest leggings or pants you can find.

    A woman sitting in the window seat of a plane.

    6. The night before your flight, try to sleep for an hour or two less than normal.

    7. Imagine that everyone on your flight is a loving and compassionate person.

    8. After take-off, hold your carry-on bag on your lap.

    A woman walking into an airplane.

    9. Bring your own water bottle and fill it up before you fly.

    10. Clean up the photo albums on your phone!

    A plane passenger using a cell phone.

    Do you have any tips for getting through long flights? Share in the comments below!

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