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Umm, So A New Study Shows That Couples Are Meeting Online More Than Any Other Way

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Remember in 2012, when you'd tell your friends that you were on a dating app, and they'd look at you as if you had paid a matchmaker à la Mulan?

Well, shame yourself no more! A new Stanford study shows that, whether your mom understands Tinder or not, people are meeting their partners via online dating way more than they are via mutual friends.

Look at that exponential red curve!

The rise and destigmatization of online dating is especially cool because the larger dating pool afforded by apps rewards people who are "searching for something unusual or hard‐to‐find." And when it comes to dating, aren't we all kind of doing that?

It might also mean that people are leaning in closer to their own preferences, and relying less on intermediary friends and family to vet their potential partners.

From the conclusion: "Internet dating has displaced friends and family from their former roles as key intermediaries in the formation of new unions." We used to rely on intimates to screen our future partners. Today, that's work we do ourselves.

Good for people who might not want to share their sexual preferences with their family or friends, AND good for your own reclamation of personal decisions.

Of course, as anyone who's been catfished might tell you, online dating is NOT perfect. People very often exaggerate their good qualities.

People are pretty happy about the study and think it proves something they've already known.

@DKThomp When you work full time and don't/can't date co-workers, online is super convenient. I wouldn't trust any member of my family to screen anyone for me. I'm 15 years ridiculously happily married thanks to online dating!

Some think it was pretty obvious.

@DKThomp @StefanMolyneux Weird, but not surprising. I don't even find it alarming tbh.

Others pointed out a few other pitfalls of online dating that the chart doesn't show.

@DKThomp This is sad news for us short men. 80% of women already go after only the top 20% of men on dating apps. From my experience 0% of women go after men under 5'5 on dating apps.

Not all women, Nathaniel. Not all women!

Or a few think it's just sad, for whatever reason.

@DKThomp @ezraklein Oh this is fucking sad.

Whether you're online dating or not, remember that friends are still important!