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16 Cheat Sheets For If You're A Foodie But Also Lazy AF

Easy and foolproof.

1. For two-ingredient pancakes:

2. For your next cozy night in:

3. For one-pot pasta:

4. For tomato sauce anyone can make:

5. For when you want to fancy up your store-bought jar sauce and pasta pairing:

6. For making the easiest cakes ever:

7. For when you want to upgrade your instant ramen...

8. Or use it as a base for another dish:

9. For salads that aren't boring:

10. For eggs just the way you like 'em:

11. For perfect slices of avocado:

12. For a microwaveable rice substitution:

13. For when you can't be bothered to cook at all:

14. For foolproof baked salmon:

15. For turning chicken into a gourmet meal:

16. For dinners that cook themselves: