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    15 Server Horror Stories That'll Make You Rethink Restaurants

    "A woman threw up on the seat next to her, and then continued to eat like nothing happened."

    We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to share their craziest stories of working in a restaurant. Here are some of the best submissions.

    1. The trail of diarrhea.


    "I once was bartending a late lunch and a much older woman and her two grown children came in to eat. The old woman must’ve had a problem with solid foods because she ordered a bowl of queso and ate it like soup. After lunch, as she headed to the bathroom an overwhelming smell of poop followed her. When I peeked over the bar, I saw she was leaving a trail of diarrhea. Her daughter ran behind her, trying to catch the poopy liquid. The two women ended up staying in the bathroom for 45 minutes while her son went to get her more clothes. When they left, there was poop everywhere in the bathroom."


    2. The OTHER trail of poop.


    "A lady came in and asked me where the bathroom was so I pointed her to the back. A minute later I went to leave the host stand, and realized a trail of poop had followed her to the bathroom. She was wearing a dress and I guess she just couldn’t quite make it."


    3. The training potty.


    "I used to be a server and one day a family came in with a 2-year-old child. After sitting down, they pulled out a training potty and put it on the table. They then sat their kid on it and let him pee! Like, really, on my table?"


    4. The argument.


    "At my old store location we had this girl and her boyfriend working with us. She was a server and he was a line cook. I guess they got in an argument one day and he threatened her by putting a steak knife to her neck IN OUR DINING ROOM!!"


    5. The frat party.


    "Our restaurant is by a college campus and often hosts frat parties. At one particularly memorable party, we had three couples caught attempting to do it in stairwells and service areas, two people mistaking the kitchen for a restroom (one puked, one pissed), and one asshat stabbing our head of security."


    6. The reckless child.

    WE tv

    "I was in Virginia Beach at a Beatles themed restaurant and right when we walked in, we noticed a family that we were seated by. Their young child was making a huge mess and throwing a tantrum, and the parents were egging it on and laughing. The kid was so upset she started throwing the little appetizer plates and shattering them on the ground. The parents meanwhile just filmed it and laughed. The waitress was so flustered, she just quit."


    7. The excessively casual customer.


    "One server I worked with once said she witnessed a woman throw up on the seat next to her, and then continue to eat like nothing happened."


    8. The creepy tablet dude.


    "One day I had to kick out this disgusting guy at the family restaurant I worked because he was watching porn on his tablet, while he sat and watched kids play in the play area. Two weeks later, he tried to pass as a new customer by dying his hair blond. As soon as I spotted him, I went up to him and asked him to leave, but he turned around and pretended not to know what I was talking about. I asked him to leave and and told him if I ever see him again at the restaurant I was gonna call the cops on him. That was the last time I ever saw him."


    9. The cannibal chickens.

    New World Pictures

    "I worked at Chick-fil-A and we had a regular customer who would come through the drive thru with his pet chickens. He fed nuggets to his chickens and never seemed to realize just how weird that was."


    10. The affair.

    "A local company rented out a conference room for a week for group training. Two of the trainers were apparently having an affair, as we discovered when the husband of trainer 1 busted in and started a fight with trainer 2. A brawl ensued, the cops got called, and they arrested the husband. Turns out he had a loaded glock tucked into his waistband. So lucky it never got used."


    11. The patio noise.


    "I was a server and had to work on the patio one Saturday night. I walked outside to see a small child standing on her chair, making a strange noise that I couldn't quite make out. I walked back outside later and realized the child had peed all over the chair and patio, and the parents didn't tell anyone or even pay their bill!"


    12. The toenail clipper.


    "I was a server at a small restaurant. I walked to the corner one afternoon to clear some dishes and found toenail clippings all over the floor. Some person literally cut their toenails in a restaurant while eating. I’ve never been more horrified in my life."


    13. The stew meat.

    The WB

    "I waited tables at a home cooking restaurant back in my late teen years. One rainy day an elderly couple came in. They both ordered the beef stew. When they left and I went to clear their table, I realized that they had taken all of the chunks of meat out of the stew, chewed all the flavor out, then left them on the table for me to clean up."


    14. The pushy drunk.

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    "A drunk AF woman walked into the kitchen thinking it was the bathroom. She pushed past all of the waitstaff telling her where to go and went behind the line, almost falling into the fryer. She then proceeded to pee in the corner of the kitchen."


    15. And the afternoon napper.


    "I worked at a Pizza Hut when an older gentleman came in, placed an order, and then went back to his car to wait. He then fell asleep and somehow drove his car right into the restaurant wall, smashing right through it. The crazy part was that this wasn't the first place that he did this to. He also drove his car into the coffee shop down the street."


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