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11 Baking Tips That'll Make You Go, "Huh."

"Bread boxes are a scam."

Chef and baking genius Francisco Migoya knows bread. If you don't believe me, consult his award-winning five-volume cookbook set Modernist Bread (aka the Bread Bible) which chronicles every. single. question. you might have about the stuff in over 2,300 pages.

1. If you're new to baking, start with a rye bread.

2. The best way to store homemade bread is simply by placing it cut-side down.

3. If you store it in the freezer, slice it BEFORE you do so.

4. Even if your cookbook gives you measurements by volume, use a scale.

5. A baked loaf of bread should have an internal temperature between 195°F and 200°F.

6. If you have a cheap or outdated oven, use a cast iron skillet.

7. One of the hardest breads to bake in the world is a panettone.

8. Sourdough breads are kind of like snowflakes — no two are really the same.

9. You should never refrigerate bread.

10. The best way to enjoy a fresh slice of bread? With unsalted butter and a sprinkle of sea salt.

11. And by the way, you can totally keep butter at room temperature.

Get more info on Chef Francisco Migoya's book, Modernist Bread, here.

If you've got $558.78 to spare, you can even order your own set on Amazon.

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