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    10 Kitchen Products We're Obsessing Over This Month

    From snacks to kitchen tools to cookbooks.

    1. A cast-iron Dutch oven that does the job of a pricier Le Creuset one.

    2. BOU, a broth cube that makes the perfect on-the-go soup + hangover drink (lol, but seriously).

    3. A multiuse, fine mesh strainer to rinse quinoa, sift flour and cereal crumbs, and rinse fruit and beans.

    4. Trader Joe's Aioli Garlic Mustard Sauce to make into the perfect vinaigrette and sear chicken in.

    5. Jacobsen Salt's huge, paper-thin flakes, which are perfect for sprinkling on veggies and desserts.

    6. Small Victories, a classic cookbook that'll guide newbies and experts alike through essential home recipes.

    7. Trader Joe's nitro cold-brew coffee that'll give you a coffee-shop-worthy caffeine fix at half the price.

    8. These cheap plastic containers that'll help you Marie Kondo the shit out of your kitchen.

    9. A veggie spiralizer that'll make meal prep a breeze.

    10. This Hedley & Bennett apron, loved by chefs and servers alike for its sleek look and durability.