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    • michellen16

      1. The construction cone is the ‘state bird’ not the bush.
      2. No real mention of the UP’s grandeur! It’s a gift to have that as our Peninsula!
      3. The Shipwrecks…The Edmund Fitzgerald!
      4. RIP Bob-lo!
      5. Town Club POP!
      6. Dearborn Sausage!
      7. The Henry Ford!!!
      8. Just the facts alone:
      Michigan includes: 57,022 sq. mi. of land area (16,439 sq. mi. in the U.P.); 1,194 sq. mi. of inland waters; 38,575 sq. mi. of Great Lake water area; 3,126 miles of Great Lakes shoreline (more fresh water coastline than any other state); 19,000,000 acres of forest cover!!!! ALL IN ONE STATE!!!!!!!!!!!! IT’S THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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