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10 Things You'll Do In Your First Week Of College

Just started college and super excited? Here are ten things you'll do in your first week.

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1. Get Lost

So your secondary school had about 30 classrooms and two bathrooms. How in the name of God are you expected to find your way around, what essentially is a little town? Where the heck is the geography building? and what does Room FL203 mean? Why is your timetable so confusing? Why do all these rooms look the same? I don't think we're in Kansas anymore Toto....

2. Wear something Abercrombie/Hollister

You're a first year in college, it's sorta your uniform. If you don't wear an AF Pullover or some Hollister Sweats how will you prove you're no longer in school?

3. Pretend you LOVE coffee

Sometimes you have tea after dinner and you're more of a fanta kinda kid. But this is college, you're an adult now. Look at all those cool 3rd year guys drinking cappuccinos. You wanna be like them. So what if it tastes like caffeinated gravy strained through a sock. You're a grown up and you love it

4. Go to a house party where you don't know anyone

You hear some music down the hall and think "Hey, I'm sociable". Time to head down and mingle. But wait a minute, you don't know anyone. Hey isn't that guy in your history class........No. Oh look there's Laura from school.....oh it's not. you don't know any of these people. Maybe you should just go stand over there. Gosh, you're so awkward

5. Get sick in an embarrassing/inapproriate location

Ok so you probably shouldn't have had so much beer, or mix it with wine and whose idea was it to have shots? you're stomach is turning. There's no way you're gonna make it to the bathroom, maybe you can hold it in? aaaaaaaand you just got sick in someone's handbag. Better go home and sleep off the shame

6. Crash and burn while trying to flirt

Dear God, please stop. They're not interested. Stop asking stupid questions. This is going so badly. Maybe the ground will open up and swallow you whole? Hopefully you'll never see them again

7. Spend WAY too much money

So you haven't quite figured budgeting out yet. Who knew food cost so much money? You probably shouldn't have offered to buy everyone in your flat vodka..... But hey you can't help being generous. Wonder if Mom will mind if you send her a text asking for more cash? You can always say it's for textbooks

8. Feel a little homesick

What you wouldn't give for some of your mother's mashed potatoes right now. Why is the milk in the fridge gone thick? Where are all your clean clothes? Why are people being loud when you're trying to sleep? Someone just hold me,please.

9. Make a temporary bestfriend

So you guys met at orientation or you're flatmates? Where has this person been all your life? You both love Community and Alt J and they send you the funniest snap chats. You already have nicknames for each other and hang out between classes. You're gonna visit them at their parent's house this summer or maybe go on a J1 together. You're definitely gonna be best friends forever.........

10. Have the time of your life

So home life was boring, your summer job was soul destroying and you love your new found independence. You've met such new and interesting people, your lecturers are cool and college life is amazing. You never want to leave. College Rocks!

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