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10 Annoying Questions Tourists Ask Irish People

Irish stereotypes and an misconceptions have lead to a warped view of Ireland abroad. Hear are 10 annoying questions Tourists ask Irish People and Irish people hate answering.

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1. Are you guys part of the UK?

What comes to mind is the Mean Girl quote "You can't ask people why they're white?" Similarly you can not, never, ever, ever under any circumstances ask an Irish person are they part of UK. Or Britain, or England.

The answer is No. But you won't be told nicely. You will more than likely end up with a pint of beer over your head and an uppercut to the face. Please brush up on European geography before you visit, If only for your own sake

3. Why don't you have red hair?

Not all Irish people have red hair. Have you never seen an Irish person before? What about all the Irish Comedians, Actors and Singers? You've surely seen them and they don't all have red hair. Well besides the Gleesons

5. Why do you charge so much for cigarettes?

Tax, it's tax. I don't personally charge for cigarettes or set the prices for them. It's the Government I swear. Please stop shouting at me. That'll be €9.40 please............


Please, Sir, Sir, Look at the sign, It says it's illegal, It's not at the discretion of management. It's National Law. Our Smoking areas are practically indoors anyway so what's the big deal.

7. Are you sure that's how you pronounce your name?

Look, I get it we have the same first or surname and your ancestors are Irish. But I've grown up here my whole life and speak the language fluently so I'm pretty sure it's O M-ah-oh-knee.

9. Have you ever heard of *Insert world famous person/product*?

OH COME ON! Please don't ask if I've heard of Facebook or Heineken or Taylor Swift. Believe it or not we do have internet here. Well.....most of us do

10. What is Crack?

Ah well, you kinda have to be from here to get it. So in that sense it's not a stupid question. But it is in the sense that it's difficult to explain. Firstly you spell it Craic. And it sorta means fun or banter, or the "LOLS".

For example if you're out with friends and have an amazing, fun, crazy night you'd describe that night the next day as being. "Some Craic" or "Such Criac" or "Great Craic". You kinda have to experience the Craic to understand it.

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