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What It's Like To Live With Asthma As Told By Taylor Swift

*gasping for air*

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Your very first asthma attack


Wtf is happening? Lungs? Why aren't you working?!

Your doctor hands you your very first inhaler

Having asthma dashed your hopes of ever having a furry pet

The cost of your inhaler took your breath away too


Who knew you had to pay to breathe?

You had to carry your inhaler everywhere


I'd like to thank my inhaler for keeping me alive.

When your inhaler is not your person

At school, some kids teased you about it

At work, you secretly fear that your co-workers will hate you for having more sick days than a regular person

There are days when you feel fierce AF


My inhaler and I are ready for world domination.

But bad days leave you feeling paralyzed


You wished your asthma away so many times

Your research tells you that there's no cure for it


It's you and me against the world, inhaler.

You learn how to live like a boss anyway

Use it to your advantage

Someone's pressuring you to smoke?


I could smoke but I could also die while doing it.

Your loved ones taking care of you is pretty sweet

Perfect excuse for when you just want to stay in and watch Netflix

When you're done with that, go be the life of the party that you are

Because it can't stop you from living your best life


You don't control me. I control you.

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