This Is What Happens When Disney Revives The “New” Disney Channel Circle Of Stars

It had to be done.

1. I apologize in advance.

2. So if you’ve been too busy having a life, this is what you missed from the latest Disney Channel.

3. I mean, aside from ripping apart the ’90s Disney Channel logo.

The feels, man…

4. This Disney Channel “Circle of Stars” generation (or whoever was available that day) came together to sing a cover of Frozen’s “Do You Want to Build a Snowman?”

6. Yeah, I had the same reaction.

7. No, but really. The most random celebrities appear in the video.

Like, who compiled this group?

8. Is that Tyler James Williams’ brother?

Yes, yes it is.
Catch him on the Disney XD show, Lab Rats.
No wait, just don’t.

9. Excuse me, who are you?

10. Did we run out of Disney celebrities to call?

(Bertram and Amy Duncan though..)
Or did they just not show up?

11. But let’s be real.

12. We all know who the real Disney Channel Circle of Stars is.

Damn right, Raven.

14. R.I.P This Disney Channel.

Those megapixels though.

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