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Honeymoon: What's In Your Suitcase?

After the big day you've been planning for what seems like years, it's time to sit back and relax for your honeymoon. Not sure what essentials to pack? These are some of the "must-haves" for your love-filled getaway.

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1. Bathing Suit

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One of the first things that needs to go in your honeymoon bag is a bathing suit or two. You want to make sure you are able to easily head to the hot tub, pool or romantic lagoon in your favorite suit. In fact it’s a good idea to pack a couple of suits to insure you have a dry one when needed. Don’t forget to bring your cover up or tunic if you like to wear one of these around the pool or beach!

2. Sandals

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In addition to your suits, you want to make sure you have beach friendly shoes packed. Sure you are going to want to make sure you have a pair or two of your fashionable sandals, but also make sure to put in a nice pair of flip flops for easy swimwear.

3. Dress

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It’s your honeymoon and you are sure to want to share a special, romantic dinner with your partner. Don’t forget to get at least one, perfectly elegant dress packed away so you can be dressed to the nines when that dinner comes.

4. Lingerie

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For your honeymoon, things may get a little frisky so you will want to have a range of lacy lingerie. This is the perfect time to pack a little extra, so make sure you have your best lingerie in your suitcase. Pack a couple of extras so you can have choices while on your stay. Also, don’t forget comfortable yet cute sleepwear to round out your wardrobe.

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