Michelle M.
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    • Response to 25 Secret Starbucks Drinks:
      Michelle M.

      Most of these drinks are horrible to make. Speaking as a former barista (6 years of hellish requests), whenever someone came in and ordered these, we hated that person. They’re not ‘cool’ and getting a sweet secret drink, they are jerks, making a 3 step drink into a 12 step drink. These people also complain about how much the drink costs (everything added is more on top of the price) and how long they have to wait for these drinks.  In Canada, you can’t get a biscotti frappuccino, becuase they all have nuts, and you are not allowed to contaminate the blenders. Also, the so called ‘poor man’s chai’ is actually only about 50 - 75 cents cheaper than an actual chai.  As someone who had to put up with these drinks for years, here’s a tip: Don’t order these.

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