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    We Trained Like UFC Fighters For 60 Days And Shit Got Intense

    Warning: This post contains women who could kick your ass.

    So, maybe you've seen UFC fighting before. But if not, it looks a little something like this:

    And while that would TERRIFY most human beings, Michelle and Jordan were brave enough to try training like UFC fighters for 60 days with a final challenge at the end... fighting each other.

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    Last October, when Michelle was walking home she was mugged at knifepoint. So, learning how to MMA fight was a way for Michelle to mentally overcome the fear she's felt since that incident.

    Michelle started her journey at 123.6lbs, and a lower weight class than Jordan. Michelle would heavily rely on her cardio background to help her tire Jordan out in the end fight.

    Jordan, a crossfit athlete, came in at a higher weight class than Michelle and would rely on her heavy-hitting punches and weight training background.

    Their fearless trainer for the next 60 days was Krzystztof Soszynski, a former UFC light-heavyweight fighter and all around badass.

    Michelle's training schedule consisted of the following:

    While Jordan's was geared towards weight training:

    Needless to say, all of the training was kicking the ladies' asses.

    About halfway through their journey... it was time for a little road trip to Vegas...

    ...but instead of drinking and partying, the women trained like hell in the Vegas UFC gym and finally got to see a real UFC fight.

    Seeing a real UFC fight got Jordan totally amped for the final fight...

    ...Michelle on the other hand, was feeling a little bit nervous.

    The pressure started to get to Michelle when it sunk in that she would be fighting Jordan in front of a crowd of people, and she could potentially get hurt.

    As the fight got closer, the women needed to do one final push: Lose enough water weight to fit in their weight class. AKA: Sweat it out.

    The day of the fight came, and things were feeling very legit. This was definitely, actually, going to happen.

    Michelle and Jordan had both turned into absolute lean muscle machines, cutting out 16 pounds of fat collectively between them.

    The crowd was amped, and the women were ready to spar. The fight would consist of three rounds, each of which was three minutes long.

    In round one, Jordan experienced what they call the "adrenaline dump" which is a sensation where you almost go blind with adrenaline and you feel like an unstoppable fighter just GOING AT IT.

    In round two, Michelle was able to kick Jordan to the ground at one point. She noted that the experience of hearing the people in the crowd critique you, despite never having trained or fought in a UFC fight before, was annoying.

    By round three, they were both extremely tired but knew they had to push through the pain and keep going. It was an amazing sight to see them both finish such an extraordinary feat.

    Jordan won the first round, and Michelle won the last round, but in the second round they both scored the same amount of points, making it a tie:

    In the end, they were both grateful for the experience. They were especially amazed by the mental challenge, and ultimately, the mental strength, that the training and fighting gave them.