We Tested Sports Bras To See Which Ones Could Defy Gravity And Still Look Cute

    "I feel like I'm strapping into a jet pack."

    Working out is hard enough. So, it's ~key~ to have a sports bra that has your back or–er–boobs. We decided to test a couple out to see which ones worked with our body types best:

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    Madi and Sheridan were looking for bras that were both supportive and comfortable.

    Michelle and Jordan wanted a bra that could handle their high-intensity work outs and still look good.

    The first bra the women tried was a black Champion sports bra.

    For Jordan and most of the other women, the Champion bra passed the "bounce test" with flying colors.

    Next up, was the stylish Nike bra which cost double the price of the Champion bra at $40.

    Though everyone agreed it was super cute, for Sheridan, it failed the bounce test.

    Next up, was the Victoria's Secret sports bra which cost $35.

    Though it was undeniably cute, it was weirdly hard to actually get into.

    The final bra was one by Lululemon which cost the most out of all of the bras at $52.

    While most of the women thought it was comfortable, they noticed that the ~girls~ were hanging out more than they might have liked.

    At the end of the experiment, each woman had a different favorite. Jordan liked the Nike bra, while Madi was feeling the VS bra.

    Sheridan liked the Champion bra, and Michelle was digging the Lululemon. Overall, if the ladies learned anything, it's that different bodies require different types of support... and they all look fabulous either way.