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We Had An Expert Teach Us How To Do Our Makeup Like Grown-Ass Women

Spoiler alert: We looked dope.

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Not all of us are ~blessed~ with the ability to watch one YouTube tutorial and completely nail the whole makeup thing...

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Some of us just don't wear it... others just can't color in the lines.

...So, we enlisted the help of Youtube beauty guru, Deepica Mutyala, to save us (well, our faces) and show us how to do some makeup like a damn pro.

Michelle Khare for Buzzfeed Video

I mean... clearly we were in good hands.

Jody was hoping Deepica could help her out since she was planning on doing her own makeup for her wedding.

Deniece was excited to finally have someone who could show her the ropes and give her that confidence boost she wanted.

Jordan, a self-proclaimed tomboy, never felt like makeup was part of her routine.

And Michelle was excited to learn how to do her makeup herself, since she always felt super glam after having her makeup professionally done.

First Step:

Deepica showed the ladies the ~magic~ of contouring as she shaped her face using highlighter and a bronze tone.

The ladies were a tad skeptical at first.

Next up:

Deepica showed the ladies the key to those Cara Delevingne brows is light, feathery strokes while filling in the brow.

And sure, the ladies didn't ~quite~ have the makeup lingo down yet... but they were getting there!

Next step:

Deepica showed the women how to line their eyes depending on eye shape and size.

And the women learned the beauty of highlighting the inner part of the eye to make their eyes really pop.

The final step:

Deepica showed the women how to combine a lip-liner and lipstick to get those full Kylie lips.

But hey, makeup can be kinda confusing.

When the ladies finished their makeup boot camp, Deniece felt fierce as fuq.

Yesssssss, queen!

Jordan was pleasantly surprised that she finally learned how to rock a darker lip.


Jody felt confident that she would be able to do her own makeup at last.

Werk it.

And Michelle felt a sense of fulfillment that really only comes from accomplishing something yourself.


Kill it, my queens.

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