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These Women Bikini Waxed Their Boyfriends To Give Them A Taste Of Womanhood

“This is what an exorcism feels like.”

Somehow we convinced a bunch of guys to get a bikini wax from their girlfriends, and this is what happened:

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Corey and Becky have been dating for 3 years, and he really likes it when she's waxed. That's why she wants him to know what it feels like.

Corey was also quite intrigued to know what it felt like.

Jenny and Trevor have been dating for 2 months. Jenny also expressed that she really wanted Trevor to experience what she goes through on a regular basis.

But Trevor had other reasons for wanting to do this:

With a professional esthetician guiding the girls, it was time to do the deed.


As anyone who has ever been waxed ~down there~ knows, it wasn't pleasant.

But the boys were good sports about it, even though it was a terribly painful experience.

And even though it was probably even harder than meeting a new girlfriend's parents...

The guys gained a newfound respect for women's grooming practices.