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    These Unicorn-Inspired Hairstyles Are Drop-Dead Gorgeous

    "Embrace who you are. You're awesome!"

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    YouTube superstar Lilly Singh collaborated with BuzzFeed's Top Knot to make some EPIC hairstyles for her luscious long locks. Look below for step-by-step instructions.

    Model: Lilly Singh (Instagram, Snapchat and Vine: @iisuperwomanii)

    Styled by Ami Rawal Desai (Instagram: @amirawaldesai)

    Makeup by Laura Schierhorn (Instagram and Twitter: @ljsbrand)

    Lilly is wearing BAWSE, her own custom lipstick. You can get it here!

    The Pull-Through Faux Hawk:

    BuzzFeed Top Knot

    What you need:

    *A bunch of small elastics


    *Finishing spray

    What to do:

    1. Make a small pony with all of the hair at the very front of your head.

    2. Follow with another pony leaving out the sides (think just center).

    3. Split the first pony into two equal parts.

    4. Lift the second pony and place in between the two sections you just split, and clip that off.

    5. Bring the two sections down and create another pony, lifting hair from ear to ear (essentially your'e grabbing hair to create another pony but incorporating the two sections as well).

    6. Once the pony is made, unclip the pony on top and divide into two equal parts.

    7. From here, you're repeating steps three through six until you reach the nape of the neck.

    8. Once you get to the nape, you should be left with two ponytails on top of each other.

    9. Take the top ponytail and wrap an elastic around it about two inches from the top.

    10. Then, create a little hole in that section you just created and pull through the bottom pony. It should have a similar effect to what's been done already on your head.

    11. Repeat this all the way down and leave some excess hair to tease.

    12. This is the fun part! Now, starting from the top, start slowly pulling out sections to make them appear full. This is what's going to give that ~wow~ effect and really show off the faux hawk.

    13. Follow with some finishing spray to hold in place.

    Easy Tier Braid:

    BuzzFeed Top Knot

    What you need:



    *Finishing spray

    What to do:

    1. Create a small ponytail at the crown of your head (not at the very top, but almost as if you are putting your hair half up, half down), but grab from left to right and leave hair in the middle of your head down at your scalp.

    2. Grab a section from the right side and bring over all the way to the left, covering the elastic you have from the middle pony.

    3. Pick up a section from the left and create a pony on that side.

    4. Grab more hair from the left side bringing it over to the right and be sure to cover the elastic.

    5. Grab a section of hair from the right side to combine with the one you just pulled from the left and create a pony.

    6. Repeat this process \all the way down.

    7. Tie off the ends with an elastic and spray to hold in place.

    Messy Mermaid Braids:

    BuzzFeed Top Knot

    What you need:

    *Bobby pins

    *Texture spray


    What to do:

    1. Leave out any hair in front that you would want as face fringe.

    2. Create a small ponytail at the front crown of your head.

    3. Create a fishtail or regular braid with that section.

    4. Pull it out to make it look bigger.

    5. Quickly curl all the hair that is still down. It doesn't have to be perfect!

    6. Spray curls with texture spray to give it body and holding power.

    7. Take a curled section from the left side, twist, and pull out.

    8. Place the section into the braid that was created in the middle of your hair.

    9. Repeat on the right side.

    10. Repeat steps seven through nine until you reach the bottom.

    11. Further pull out your hair to give it that messy undone look.

    12. Spray with finishing spray and more texture spray.

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