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These Guys Recreated Iconic Boy Band Album Covers With A Pug And It Was The Cutest

"I should be Justin Timberlake!"

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The Try Guys teamed up with Doug The Pug to recreate your favorite boy band covers, and it's everything you've ever wanted and more.

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The Try Guys were all ready to recreate some iconic moments, but suddenly realized that every boy band has 5 members, not 4! So they had to bring in a strong personality, and recreation expert, to complete the look:

But right away, there were competitive vibes. Keith was really upset that Doug was swooping in and taking the lead role in the group.

Zach, a cat person, was also upset because now he wasn't the only cute, furry, small one.

But it was time to start recreating! First up, the Millennium album cover from The Backstreet Boys:

Doug's body was ready.

But he was still getting flack from the boys.

No matter the drama, they totally nailed it.

Next up, the iconic *NSYNC No Strings Attached:

Keith was not happy.

He wasn't Justin, and Doug wasn't really pulling off the look.


Killed it yet again.

Finally, they were ready to recreate this One Direction cover:

Doug finally allowed Keith to play the lead, Harry Styles.


At the end of the day, everyone had really overcome their differences. The guys wanted to offer Doug a permanent position in their crew. But he quickly ran off into the distance! So Zayn of him.