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The Life Cycle Of Natural Hair

"Just give me all the Shea Moisture and coconut oil you have. Wait, wait… I worry what you just heard was, 'Give me a lot of Shea Moisture and coconut oil.' What I said was: Give me all the Shea Moisture and coconut oil you have. Do you understand?"

10 Times Black Girls Were Brilliantly Unapologetic

#SorryNotSorry for all this Black Girl Magic.

The Definitive Ranking Of Orange Is The New Black Inmates

Spoiler alert: Vee is definitely in last place.

18 Signs You're A Sex Educator

How many times did you say "vagina" and "penis" with a straight face today? NOT MORE THAN I DID, SUCKAZ!

Pay Day: Expectation Vs. Reality

Pay Day: The most important non-holiday holiday that comes every two weeks. And yet, it's always a disappointment somehow…

23 Reasons Parents Make The Best Roommates

Living at home in your 20s post-college can get a bad rap. But really, the people who birthed you make the best roomies ever…

The 7 Emotions You Experience Watching Scandal Every Week

Every week, Shonda Rhimes, Kerry Washington & Co. decide to play games with the psychological and emotional health of millions of people through the most shocking story lines. #StayStrongGladiators