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25 Reasons Why Candles Are Awesome

Candles on fleek for life.

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Candles have been around literally FOREVER. Like, we're talking 3000 BC forever thanks to the Egyptians. Even in our modern day, these little joys of flames will never go out of style for many reasons.

1. They are perfect for a romantic date night.

2. They couple nicely with a warm bubble bath and a glass of wine.

3. They are totally therapeutic.

4. They set the mood for that alone time with that special someone.

5. Lavender scented candles!

6. They have every scent desirable.

7. They come in different shapes and sizes.

8. They make awesome decor.

9. Tropical and beachy scented candles!

10. Candles that smell like sweets, YUM!

11. Soooo many options to choose from! Pillar, tea light, four inch, seven day, and more!

12. Gift someone a candle, they won't be mad.

13. Light one while studying and your study area will turn into an oasis of peace and concentration.

14. If someone or something smells, you can save your nose with a nice candle.

15. They are very calming.

16. Pumpkin Cinnamon scented candles!

17. The warm, low glow they emit in a dark room is hypnotic in the best possible way.

18. Winter and pine scented candles!

19. Walk into a room lit with candles, and you're automatically zen. Ooohhhmmm.

20. Little baby candles placed on cakes of all sorts for birthday celebrations!

21. Need to destress and meditate? Candles can help calm you down and relax you into a deeper meditation session.

22. Fall and winter candles create warm, homey aromas.

23. Summer and spring candles create fresh and vibrant feels.

24. Pictures of candles make for artistic posts on Instagram.

25. Light one while cutting onions and you'll be tear free!

Any other reasons you love candles? Feel Free to share!

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